TEKVOX Introduces Entry Level Managed Classroom Solution

TEKVOX Introduces Entry Level Managed Classroom Solution

TEKVOX, Inc. announced the release of its 71400 Drop-In A/V® family of entry-level, all-digital managed classroom systems. The 71400 family combines TEKVOX’s award-winning TEK3 networked control system with innovative digital switching hardware to reduce the cost; equipping a classroom with remote management, asset tracking, support and maintenance among other benefits.

Managed A/V systems are traditionally limited to well-funded university environments due to cost and complexity issues. With the introduction of the more economical 71400 Drop-In A/V®, managed systems may become more ubiquitous in the education space.

“Upgrading to an all-digital managed system is now in reach for nearly every school,” Jim Reinhart, CEO of TEKVOX, said. “More importantly, this technology can be built upon and upgraded with confidence.”

Because the 71400 Drop-In A/V® utilizes TEKVOX’s TEK3 networked control system, it can be expanded to include additional capabilities as needed.

At a third the cost of TEKVOX’s standard managed classroom solution, the 71400 is a family of mass-customized, factory-built Drop-In A/V® solutions designed for easy installation. Initial members of the family include:

· 71404 digital managed classroom with MSRP of $2,149

· 71406 digital managed classroom with enhanced audio with an MSRP of $2,825

· 71424 HD collaboration pod for four students with an MSRP of $1,995

All TEKVOX systems are assembled, programmed and tested in the company’s central Texas facility and are pre-integrated with required cables; ready to install. Programming and cabling is customized for each room solution and new installations are easily added to the customers A/V management system with no programming or data entry. As with all TEKVOX products, the 71400 Drop-In A/V® is warrantied by the manufacturer, and all software updates occur automatically via network.

“We strive to deliver precisely what the customer needs,” Reinhart said. “And, continue to promise our customers an economical managed system with high up-time and years of operation.”

About TEKVOX, Inc.

TEKVOX is reliable managed Drop-In AV® technology, delivering built-to-order, managed solutions for collaboration, training and teaching that are powerful, flexible and economical. TEKVOX aims to demystify the Pro A/V industry by awakening customers to complete, factory built, pre-programmed solutions.