MaxScholar partners with Sunburst Digital to bring an innovative suite of applications to K-12 classrooms to support and advance struggling readers - Tech Learning

MaxScholar partners with Sunburst Digital to bring an innovative suite of applications to K-12 classrooms to support and advance struggling readers

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Chicago, IL – September 21, 2015 - Research suggests that struggling readers with processing challenges that have gone undiagnosed in 1st grade will remain academically behind in all subjects. In order to help all students who struggle with reading, Doctors Deborah and Elliot Levy, together with their son Daniel, established MaxScholar as a unique intervention program. The company is dedicated to ensuring that all struggling readers, even those facing challenges with profound dyslexia, are identified early and given an individual success plan to advance. MaxScholar is a multi-sensory reading and language program addressing Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.

“Our MaxGuru program arms teachers with an affordable program that engages students and can ensure a two reading level increase in just 90 days,” says Dr. Deborah Levy. “The results experienced by schools are so consistent, educators who are convinced our program prevents needless struggling and future expense often recommend us to other educators,” she said.

Sunburst and MaxScholar have partnered to release three solutions for K12: MaxPhonics Early Start, MaxPhonics & Reading K-2, and MaxGuru.

“As we celebrate our 30th year supporting schools, the overwhelmingly positive reception we received as we introduced MaxScholar speaks to the obvious pent up frustration school communities experience when struggling readers tragically fall behind and perpetually never seem to catch up,” says Holly DeLeon, VP of Curriculum Integration at Sunburst. “Offering schools an early reading solution that advances literacy skills for all students while also identifying and preventing young learners with processing challenges from needlessly struggling provides great benefit for all our school customers,” she said.

MaxScholar requires that teacher professional development is delivered with each of their applications in order to insure program fidelity consistent with high-standards of results. The MaxGuru solution is expressly designed for those students in grades 3-12 who have, for whatever reason, continued to struggle with their reading challenges. “The MaxGuru program interrupts the perpetual cycle of special education tracking where students are unproductively exposed to countless start-stop attempts with a range of reading intervention programs that leave these learners perpetually lost in the shuffle” says Levy.

MaxPhonics EarlyStart, MaxPhonics & Reading K-2, and MaxGuru are each available now from Sunburst at:

About Sunburst: Sunburst has connected educators with instructional technology and digital content solutions for three decades. We sell, support, and provide curriculum services directly to schools. Our solutions are found in more than 95% of US school districts. We selectively work with educational development companies launching products by helping schools and partners take risk out of innovation. We believe implementing instructionally sound digital content solutions enhances teaching and raises outcomes.

About MaxScholar: MaxScholar is a unique reading intervention program founded by doctors Deborah and Elliot Levy. The MaxScholar online and App based programs use a multisensory combination of rich media, interactive gaming, and a proven instructional methodology to identify struggling readers early and provide them with an individualized path for reading progress. MaxScholar provides programmatic teacher professional development both in person and online in order to ensure fidelity of use for all its programs.



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