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Splash Math Partners with Sunburst Digital

Partnership makes personalized math practice available anytime, anywhere
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Chicago, IL – September 29, 2015 - Advocates of 21st century skills favor student-centered methods for learning complex concepts like math, but suggest practice does make “perfect.”

Research suggests that math mastery is an acquired skill refined through consistent practice, and that making math practice student-centered is the real need of the day.

Twelve million students use Splash Math’s award-winning program to practice math. “When we reached around 5 million students, we figured that this level of viral interest indicated a real demand to explore the creation of a more methodical approach to teaching math for schools,” says Joy Deep Nath, VP Partnerships and Co-founder of Splash Math. “Our individualized approach toward math practice can help students in all K-5 classrooms. Being based here in Silicon Valley, it is obvious to us how important STEM skills are for students. Employers want to see lifelong learners who are able to solve complex problems and this starts with a strong foundation in math.”

Splash Math’s freemium application helps all students by prescribing an individual learning path, then adapting their practice plan based on feedback and progress. “We believe Splash Math can be the standard in K-5,” says Deep Nath.

Sunburst and Splash Math will partner on the release of Splash Math Premium for School later this fall. The Premium program features new curriculum alignments, teacher administrative controls and the real time ability to ensure all students are working on Common Core State Standards and state standards-based practice routines that are fully aligned to all high stakes assessments.

“As we celebrate our 30th year supporting schools, it is fun to experience a new wave of innovators in K12,” says Ashley Geary, Product Manager for Sunburst Digital. “We brought pioneering programs to the K-5 math market like Jumpstart and MathBlaster. We see Splash Math Premium for School as being as ubiquitous. It has a unique ability to be dialed in for each and every K-5 learner and provides a wealth of cool features usable from any device, at any time.”

Splash Math is accessible from iPads, iPhones, Chromebooks or desktop computers. Teachers can pinpoint problem areas through real time progress dashboards, weekly email reports and individualized assessments. Once a student login is created, the program can be used on multiple devices with the same login and the progress of each student is analyzed in real time.

Splash Math Premium for School will be available from Sunburst beginning December 15th at:http://splashmath.sunburst.com

About Sunburst: Sunburst has connected educators with instructional technology and digital content solutions for three decades. We sell, support and provide curriculum services directly to schools. Our solutions are found in more than 95% of US school districts. We selectively work with educational development companies launching products by helping schools and partners take risk out of innovation. We believe implementing instructionally sound digital content solutions enhances teaching and raises outcomes.

About StudyPad Inc: StudyPad, through its award winning solution Splash Math, translates difficult math concepts through game based practice modules to make learning more fun and effective for all students. Splash Math lessons address rigorous math requirements for all CCSS standards through interactive gaming designed by educational experts. Splash Math’s solution is built native to popular mobile technologies, producing an experience with a higher level of engagement than any other Math practice App. More than 12 million students use Splash Math worldwide.



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