STEMscopes NGSS Digital STEM Curriculum Adds New Tools and Resources, Thanks to Suggestions from K–12 Teachers

The latest release of STEMscopes-NGSS includes several new resources -- suggested and contributed by teachers -- to deepen student engagement in science, and mastery of the Next Generation Science Standards.
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HOUSTON – May 10, 2016 – Fueled by teacher input, Accelerate Learning™has enhanced its award-winning STEMscopes™ NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) product with several new resources designed to deepen student engagement. STEMscopes NGSS is a comprehensive online K–12 curriculum written by teachers, that helps students master the NGSS through scientific investigations, engineering challenges, content connection videos, claim-evidence-reasoning assessments, and more.

Among the new additions is Science Today, a collection of resources from the Associated Press that provides current news and discoveries, aligned to the NGSS. Through these STEM-focused articles, videos, and photos, students can explore science concepts in the real world and then deepen their understanding with STEMscopes follow-up activities.

The new Linking Literacy and Math Moments tools allow teachers to easily integrate science into other content areas. The Linking Literacy tools enhance students’ literacy skills through embedded STEMscopedias and other texts. The Common Core-aligned Math Moments seamlessly incorporate math into hands-on science investigations, engineering challenges, and project-based learning tasks.

Teachers can implement the new EXPLAIN: Communicate to foster scientific argumentation and peer-to-peer communication skills using debate, dialogue, and oral presentation. In the assessment arena, teachers can use the new Performance Expectation Assessment Tasks, or PEATs, to evaluate a student’s mastery of multiple concepts. These PEATs add to an already extensive assessment offering in STEMscopes that includes claim-evidence-reasoning, rubric-based projects, short-answer response, and multiple-choice formats.

The new Supports component expands the curriculum’s pedagogical model from IDEA (Illuminate, Do, Expand, Assess) to IDEAS enabling teachers to support struggling learners at a greater depth than was previously possible. The Support tools include Guided Practice, Independent Practice, and Concept Attainment Quiz resources.

“Teacher input is as vital to us today as it was when expert teachers worked alongside Rice University professors and Accelerate Learning to build STEMscopes,” said Vernon Johnson, president and CEO of Accelerate Learning. “That’s why we offer teachers a feedback tool within STEMscopes — so they can suggest resources and updates that will make their lives easier while enhancing students’ learning. Their suggestions have helped make STEMscopes the most comprehensive, engaging, NGSS-aligned curriculum on the market today.”

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Greenfield Union School District Expands the STEMscopes Digital STEM Curriculum to All Elementary and Middle Schools to Meet the NGSS for California

As part of a Teacher Quality Partnership Grant, Greenfield Union School District in Monterey County, Calif. is partnering with CSU Monterey Bay to help teachers develop the skills and knowledge to meet the demands of the NGSS and Common Core State Standards. To help accomplish this, the district has expanded their use of the STEMscopes Digital STEM Curriculum to all elementary and middle schools in the district.

STEMscopes PreK-12 Science Curriculum Is Named Best Learning Resource by Association of American Publishers promo image

STEMscopes PreK-12 Science Curriculum Is Named Best Learning Resource by Association of American Publishers

A winner or finalist for four consecutive years, STEMscopes wins Revere Award for the Classroom: Whole Curriculum-Science, Health and Environment Category   HOUSTON – April 11, 2017 – The STEMscopes™ PreK-12 science curriculum from Accelerate Learning™ has won the REVERE Award for the Classroom: Whole Curriculum-Science, Health and Environment category. Built from the ground up to help students meet today’s state standards and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), STEMscopes provides teacher and student digital resources, supplemental print materials, and hands-on exploration kits that build student engagement and excitement for learning science.