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SchoolMint Streamlines Student Enrollment for a Growing Number of Charter School Networks in Texas

SchoolMint now serving more than 50,000 charter school students across the state.
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SAN FRANCISCO, September 28, 2016 – An increasing number of charter school networks across Texas have partnered with SchoolMint, the leading provider of cloud-based student enrollment and school choice systems for PreK-12 district, charter, and independent schools, to streamline student enrollment and provide a user-friendly experience for both staff and families. SchoolMint is currently serving more than 50,000 charter school students in Texas – or approximately 20 percent of the state’s entire charter school student population – by providing an automated system for schools to more efficiently and effectively complete the application, lottery, and registration processes.

“With approximately 280,000 students and 700-plus campuses, Texas is one of the largest charter school states in the nation,” said Jinal Jhaveri, SchoolMint CEO. “Leading charter school networks in Texas – and across the country – recognize the need to automate their enrollment processes to better serve families and are increasingly partnering with SchoolMint to do so. Our intuitive, technology-enabled solution saves them valuable time and resources so that they can better serve their growing student populations.”

KIPP San Antonio Public Schools, IDEA Public Schools, and YES Prep Public Schools are the latest Texas-based charter school networks to partner with SchoolMint. These networks join KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth Public Charter Schools, Life School, and Southwest Preparatory School District, among others, to implement the award-winning system.

“User friendliness was an important must-have when we were looking to implement a new system to manage our enrollment processes,” said Jaciel Castro, student recruitment manager for KIPP San Antonio Public Schools. “We conducted a rigorous review of various systems and time and time again were drawn to SchoolMint because of its unparalleled user experience – it was comprehensive and easy to use, and we could trust it would be the best fit for all of our stakeholders.”

SchoolMint’s comprehensive system makes the end-to-end enrollment experience easier to manage for both school staff and parents. Its four primary tools include Application and Lottery Management, Registration and Re-enrollment, Digital Forms and Documents, and School Choice and Unified Enrollment. These solutions provide a mobile and user-friendly option for parents as they navigate the enrollment process.

“SchoolMint’s overall functionality, especially its reporting and communication features, was a big draw for us,” added Javier Dimas, vice president of campus operations for IDEA Public Schools. “Having the ability to easily input and analyze student data and customize reports will allow us to make important data-driven enrollment and operational decisions. In addition, SchoolMint’s mobile solution allows us to more effectively communicate with parents and keep them updated about their child’s enrollment status via text messaging. This is especially important since many of our parents don’t have email addresses.”

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SchoolMint provides a cloud-based student enrollment and school choice platform to PreK-12 independent, charter, and district schools. Since its founding in 2013, more than 3000 schools worldwide have chosen SchoolMint to streamline student registration and re-enrollment, application and lottery management, universal enrollment and school choice, and digital forms and document uploads. Available online and on mobile devices, SchoolMint’s seamless data integration with leading student information systems and its user friendly design transform the end-to-end enrollment experience for district staff and parents. to learn more.



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