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Impero Insight Provides Districts with a New Cloud-based Reporting and Analytics Tool to Help Them Visualize Safety Data

Additional updates to Impero Education Pro include automated management of keyword libraries and improved notification functionality
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Simi Valley, CA, Jan. 23, 2017 – Impero Software, provider of network administration, classroom management and internet safety software, has launched the latest version of Impero Education Pro, version 6 (v6). Version 6 includes the advanced cloud-based, cross-server reporting and analytics tool, Impero Insight, available as an add-on module. Powered by an industry-leading business intelligence engine, Impero Insight pulls a school/district’s data (collected by Impero Education Pro on one or across multiple servers) into detailed and visually-rich graphical reports designed to aid in decision-making, support best practices, and keep students safe.

Impero Insight’s reports are designed to be simple to access and easy to understand. Presented in pre-defined, tailored dashboards, the interactive reports provide schools and districts access to cross-school data in order to compare, contrast and review data in a single centralized view. This data can be reviewed on an individual school, classroom or student basis.

The data collated by Impero Education Pro and interpreted by Impero Insight covers a range of important school issues, requirements and concerns. In relation to safeguarding, for example, Impero Insight enables staff to identify increases in concerning or negative student behavior, evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, and inform relevant staff members, to help ensure at-risk students are supported quickly.

Another major upgrade to the safeguarding platform, developed in response to customer needs, is a new “managed policy” system that enables the automated delivery and management of keyword library updates into the future. A series of enhancements has also been made to the notification functionality of captured keywords, which is designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Impero Software’s CEO, Sam Pemberton, said, “We are really excited about the launch of Impero Education Pro v6 as it offers our customers some really fundamental new functionality. Impero Insight enables cloud-based reporting across multiple servers, allowing larger schools and Multi-Academy Trusts to take advantage of a highly usable top level view of data with the ability to drill down to a school, class or student level. The managed policy system will make auto-updates to our keyword libraries seamless, ensuring that schools are always up to date with the latest safeguarding terms, based on our ongoing exhaustive research. Keeping young people safe is at the heart of what we do and this latest version of Impero Education Pro allows schools to do just that, in a more efficient and effective way. We urge anyone with an interest in this area to head along to see us at FETC as they will receive a warm welcome from our extensive show team.”

Impero will showcase Impero Education Pro v6 and Impero Insight at this year’s FETC show in Florida, with full demos available at booth 2542. Impero will also be previewing EdLink, its brand new MDM solution, at FETC as well.

About Impero Software

Impero Software offers remote monitoring and management software, relied upon by education establishments around the world. Founded in 2002, it is accessed via one million computers in over 70 countries, including 40% of UK market and over 500 US districts.

Impero’s cutting edge software consolidates powerful classroom, network and device management features enabling schools to reduce costs and improve both staff and student productivity. Its internet safety functionality, designed around a whole-school approach to safeguarding, uses keyword detection technology to help protect students while online in schools.

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