MimioStudio 9 Licensing Opens Up the Mimio Educational Software for Use on Any Interactive Display Device; Makes Interactive Teaching Easier for Teachers and More Engaging for Students - Tech Learning

MimioStudio 9 Licensing Opens Up the Mimio Educational Software for Use on Any Interactive Display Device; Makes Interactive Teaching Easier for Teachers and More Engaging for Students

Mimio has created new licensing that substantially expands the number and type of devices with which students and teachers can use the award-winning MimioStudio™ 9 classroom software for interactive teaching and learning.
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Mimio, a global leader in interactive teaching technologies, has created new licensing that substantially expands the number and type of devices with which students and teachers can use the award-winning MimioStudio™ 9 classroom software for interactive teaching and learning. Educators can use the software to deliver lessons via MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboards as well as via third-party interactive whiteboards and projectors. The license also grants the use of MimioStudio software on all the computers within a selected computer lab, classroom, school, or district.

The license included with Mimio hardware purchase now allows MimioStudio software to be used on all computers in a classroom. When MimioStudio software is purchased separately, customers can opt for licensing at one of three levels: classroom, site, or district.

The MimioStudio Classroom License permits educators to install the software on multiple computers within a single room and use it with a single interactive display device. The MimioStudio Site License allows for the software to be used with all computers and any display device within one school building. The MimioStudio District License allows for use with all computers and display devices in different schools. Every licensing level allows for the use of MimioStudio software on teacher and student home computers.

“Our new licensing platform brings a new level of simplicity to interactive teaching,” says Manny Perez, general manager, Mimio. “MimioStudio can serve as a single software interface for all the existing interactive hardware purchases and course materials in a school or district. That means teachers only have to learn to use one software product, so they spend much less time training on software and more time using it for actual lessons and instruction.”

In addition to unrestricted use with various interactive whiteboards, MimioStudio software lets teachers import files from existing course materials saved in Common File Formats (*.iwb). Users can also export JPEG and PDF files, plus files in common file formats. The extensive file compatibility enables teachers to share, adapt, and re-use teaching materials between different whiteboards, computers, and school buildings, depending on the license. For additional peer-to-peer guidance and support, teachers can also access the MimioConnect® interactive teaching community online at mimioconnect.com, where they can get direct, relevant answers to specific questions about Mimio products as well as share interactive content and lesson plans.

MimioStudio software can be installed on any computer with a Mac, Microsoft® Windows, or Linux® operating system. Technical staff may install a licensed copy of MimioStudio software on multiple computers from a single server, which also simplifies maintenance and updates.

The classroom license is available to educators in the United States for $400, while the site license is $3,600. The cost of district licenses varies according to the number of schools within the district. Mimio also offers free updates to MimioStudio software and content for a full year with its new licensing platform.

About Mimio

Mimio is a global leader in interactive teaching technologies that offer a better way to learn and an empowering way to teach.As part of Newell Rubbermaid’s global portfolio of leading brands, Mimio designs innovative, affordable educational technologies and solutions to increase effectiveness and engagement in K-12 classrooms.

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