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Reaching all parents just got easier with ClassTag’s Weekly Newsletter

ClassTag’s revamped automated newsletter functionality replaces laborious paper notes and enhances communication.
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FEBRUARY 9, 2017 – AUSTIN, TX: At TCEA, ClassTag, a free parent engagement app for teachers and schools, is announcing a fully customizable and automated newsletters functionality to augment its communications and scheduling capabilities.

Over 50% of teachers report inability to reach all parents and “wasting time and paper on newsletters” as their biggest challenges, according to ClassTag’s recent online survey of K-12 teachers. Another 20% are frustrated by the lack of visibility into who is reading the newsletters, according to the same survey.

ClassTag’s Weekly Update has been designed to replace labor-intensive paper newsletters. A beautiful email newsletter with an overview of all upcoming activities will be sent to parents invited by the teacher to her class weekly, at a time and day set by the teacher. Teachers can add custom content or just sit back, knowing that ClassTag keeps parents in the loop. Additionally, teachers are able to print the newsletter with one click so that they can reach all families and print a few copies only for those who truly need it.

“I find paper notes are unreliable as you are never sure if parents have received them or not”, said a teacher participating in a survey. “I waste paper sending and printing over 30 weekly summaries when in fact many of them are thrown out without even looking or never make it home”, added another.

The implications of this problem go beyond frustrated and discouraged teachers - broken communication impacts the students. “Children miss out on quality opportunities. Parents are not getting the information needed to participate in school activities”, points out one of the respondents, an elementary school teacher.

“There are two big problems interconnected here. On the one hand, we have parents who don’t have internet and email access, frequently change phone numbers and don’t have smartphones to download the apps. On the other hand, parents want to get relevant and concise information vs. a generic newsletter that takes a long time to read only to find that 10% of content might be applicable to them. We are addressing both of these problems as each newsletter is personalized to a parent with relevant information such as the event they already committed to attending or their time slot at the parent teacher conference and making it very easy for teachers to print the summaries for the parents who really require paper communications“, says Vlada Lotkina, ClassTag’s CEO.

As a part of ClassTag’s communication platform, teachers and schools also get complete visibility into who is reading the newsletters as well as overall level of readership and involvement using ClassTag's Statistics. As teachers no longer spend hours on paper flyers, they can focus on identifying disengaged parents and instantly reach out with targeted follow-ups.

About ClassTag:

ClassTag is a web and mobile platform helping schools turn parents into partners by simplifying all communications and scheduling, motivating parents to get involved and guiding them to success. It was founded by Vlada Lotkina, a fortune 500 executive, and Jason Olim, serial entrepreneur and technologist, to help parents like themselves make their children more successful and better prepared for life. For more information, visit: or download ClassTag on iTunes and Google Play.

TCEA 2017:

You can also meet company representatives at TCEA in Austin, Texas at ClassTag’s booth 2660.



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