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Squirrels LLC Gives Teachers Control Of Classroom Technology With ClassHub

ClassHub is a new technology that combines student device monitoring and device management into a single dashboard for teachers. 
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NORTH CANTON, Ohio – February 28, 2017 – ClassHub is a new classroom operations platform from Squirrels LLC that combines collaboration, device management and device monitoring into a single dashboard for teachers. 

When a class begins, educators open ClassHub on their computer and are immediately presented with a view of every student device in the classroom. From there, teachers have the ability to:

  • See student device screens
  •  Push content and messages to student devices
  •  Lock student devices into a specific app
  •  Initiate screen sharing between teacher and student devices
  •  Install and remove apps across all devices

Education Technology Specialist David Lockhart said ClassHub has the potential to make a difference in areas where other student device-management solutions have faltered.

“There have been other device management solutions, but all of them require complex setup, are limited to one type of device or are meant for computer labs,” Lockhart said. “ClassHub is the first real solution for the mobile world, and the first that is highly effective for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments.”

Squirrels co-founder Andrew Gould said educators have been asking the company to create a solution like ClassHub for the past few years.

“Teachers no longer have to wonder how students are using their devices,” Gould said. “With ClassHub, they know. Educators can see which students are on track, excelling or struggling with tasks. ClassHub resolves common technology pitfalls such as time consuming app downloads across classroom devices, student distractions and restrictive cable-based screen-sharing.” 

Squirrels partnered with Clever, a student information system (SIS) integration service used by about 50% of U.S. school districts, to make ClassHub setup and device enrollment simple.

Compatibility with classroom devices
ClassHub is compatible with 97% of commonly deployed classroom devices, including Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, Surface Pro, Mac and Windows computers.

“We realized there was a need to create a device management solution that is compatible with the full spectrum of classroom devices, rather than just iOS or just Chromebooks,” Gould said. “Cross-platform compatibility ensures schools no longer need to use multiple device management services when using more than one type of device. This is often the case with BYOD environments or in districts with multiple 1:1 device deployments that vary by grade.” 

Three ClassHub components
A ClassHub subscription comes with the following components:

  • Teacher dashboard
  • IT administrator web portal
  •  Student device application

Teachers use the dashboard to manage and monitor student devices. IT administrators use the web portal to manage or view status details for every device in a school or district. The student application is what allows ClassHub to manage student devices, providing a more collaborative and adaptable learning experience for each student.

Student security

ClassHub is FERPA and SOPIPA compliant. Squirrels works with each district to ensure compliance with the state and local student data and privacy policies.

For more information, visit www.ClassHub.com. For press inquiries, email press@airsquirrels.com.

About Squirrels LLC
Squirrels is a software company that specializes in wireless screen-mirroring technology. Its industry-leading products are used in education, business, gaming, application development and more to stream and mirror content between iOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac OS and Windows devices. Squirrels products include ClassHub, Reflector 2, Ditto, AirParrot 2 and more. Additional information about these products and Squirrels can be found at http://airsquirrels.com




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