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Skyward’s SIS & ERP Solutions Help Districts Improve Branding Efforts

As school choice becomes increasingly prevalent, many districts are focusing their efforts on school marketing and branding initiatives. Skyward (@Skyward_Inc), a leading K-12 administrative software provider, supports schools as they position themselves in a competitive market with its ability to provide coherent messaging and branding through its SIS and ERP. By creating a more consistent and personalized experience for students, families and staff, districts are better able to grow and strengthen their brand.
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Technology partner offers insights on how districts can strengthen visibility

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (June 27, 2017) ­– School choice has become a growing trend for families, students, and employees. Recognizing this, an increasing number of school district leaders have started to prioritize their communication and branding efforts to help them attract and retain families and job candidates.

Skyward, a leading K-12 administrative software provider, creates more efficient internal processes and improves school-to-home communications. Leaders at the company say using their SIS and ERP solutions are helping districts position themselves as forward-thinking learning environments.

“In today’s era of school choice and mobility, most districts have figured out they need to differentiate themselves from the competition,” said Ray Ackerlund, chief marketing officer at Skyward. “A brand is more than just a logo and mission statement; it’s all the ways districts engage with their communities, and that’s where Skyward can really help.”

With Skyward, districts can create a more consistent and personalized experience for students, families, and staff. That experience starts with Skyward’s login screen which can display a welcome message, mission statement, and links to useful resources. The district’s name and logo, not the vendor’s, become the most prominent visual identifiers. In addition, parents can take advantage of Skyward’s social media-style message board to communicate with teachers, and students are empowered to achieve their goals thanks to features like online assignments and future course requests. Similarly, new student online registration helps stakeholders less familiar to a district develop a strong first impression.

On the business and human resources front, Skyward offers districts paperless processes and open lines of communication with job candidates through its applicant tracking feature. With customized workflows, districts can personalize processes to provide employees with procedures unique to the district, increasing positive perceptions. Just as important, business offices can brand their human resources tasks and financial reports, improving visibility and top of mind awareness.

Michael Lawrence, communication officer at Seminole County Public Schools in central Florida, credits Skyward for helping his district grow its reputation and strengthen its brand. “Skyward has ensured that our brand identity and processes remain front and center,” explained Lawrence. “Our marketing strategies paired with the district’s adoption of emerging technologies have created a unique online presence that is hard to find anywhere else,” said Lawrence.

More than just a technology firm, Skyward is dedicated to continuous improvement that drives the success of its customers. Districts looking to improve or take that next step with their branding can visit or visit the Skyward booth (#2528) at ISTE 2017.

About Skyward

Skyward’s SIS and ERP solutions are used by more than 1,900 public sector organizations worldwide, from small entities to statewide implementations supporting millions of stakeholders. Through a unique approach that blends thought leadership, best practices, and advanced technology, Skyward is redefining what it means to be a strategic partner in the world of enterprise solutions. To learn more, visit




Providence Public School District Chooses Skyward as its SIS Vendor

Providence Public School District, the largest in Rhode Island, selected Skyward, Inc., an industry leading K-12 school administrative software provider, as its student information system (SIS) vendor. The 47-school district looks forward to receiving time and cost savings with the Skyward Student Management Suite, as well as the ability to transfer student records easily between districts.

Skyward Launches Student Reward System Integrated With Its SIS Software

Skyward, Inc., is launching a Student Reward System that uses effective, motivational methods to connect positive, real-life behaviors with rewards provided through its online software. The Student Reward System is a free, integrated feature of the Skyward Student Management Suite, the first student information system on the market with this functionality. Within the system, students can assume a virtual identity, or avatar, and earn points for academic-related activities and game play. When students accumulate points, they are able to customize their avatar, advance to new levels within the system, and enjoy other incentives, including the ability to redeem “virtual” points to purchase items from their school store. The reward system harnesses effective gaming elements for educational purposes to foster motivation and positive academic outcomes.

Skyward Awards Leader in Excellence Winners, Announces New Developments at iCon promo image

Skyward Highlights Next-Generation K-12 Solution at iCon 2017

Skyward (@Skyward_Inc.), the leading K-12 software provider, hosted its 15th annual Skyward International Conference last week. The company honored recipients of its Leader in Excellence (LIE) award, an accolade that recognizes K-12 districts and individual administrators. Skyward also highlighted its next evolution of K-12 technology, Qmlativ, the company’s SQL-based platform. To learn more about the award wins and the product, please read below. 

Duncanville Independent School District Selects Skyward Student Management Suite promo image

Duncanville Independent School District Selects Skyward Student Management Suite

Duncanville Independent School District turned to Skyward, the leading K-12 school administrative software provider, for its increased SIS needs. Looking for a system that contained a student and business management system, the selection committee of more than 60 staff members felt confident in their choice with Skyward. Administrators cited strong communication, training and support from the Skyward team as key factors in their decision making process. To learn more about the district’s transition, please read below.

Skyward Helps Two Florida School Districts Operate with Increased Efficiency

Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) in Sanford, Florida, and the Dixie School District located just west of Gainesville, have increased operational efficiency since implementing the Skyward Student Management Suite. Both districts benefit from the software’s simplified administrative and reporting functions, and its ability to facilitate school-to-home communication and staff collaboration. 

Kansas City-Area School District Selects Skyward

The Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD), located just outside of Kansas City, selected the Student Management Suite from Skyward Inc., an industry leading K-12 school administrative software provider, to meet the district’s 21st century technology needs. After evaluating systems from vendors across the country, SMSD chose Skyward because its system best satisfied the district’s need by providing the flexibility, connectivity and accessibility it wanted in a student information system.

Skyward Increases Productivity for Michigan School Districts

Michigan school district leaders credit Skyward Student Management and School Business suites for increasing productivity and efficiency within their districts. Since 2010, the number of districts in Michigan implementing Skyward has increased by 44 percent, with a total of 171 districts using the integrated software to manage local student, finance and human resources data. Administrators in the Huron and Calhoun intermediate school districts explain that they are able to more closely monitor student academic progress using the Skyward School Management System.

Kansas School District Chooses Skyward Student Management Suite

Geary County Schools USD 475 in Kansas selected the Student Management Suite from Skyward, an industry leading K-12 school administrative software provider, to improve the management and analysis of student data throughout the district. Geary County Schools, which serve approximately 8,000 students, will now be able to integrate the student suite with its Skyward School Business Suite, allowing for a single, streamlined database solution. With Skyward, the district will benefit from a comprehensive web-based system that integrates attendance, grading, scheduling, food service, discipline and demographic information in one centralized system to minimize data entry and ensure accuracy.