Boxlight to Host Second Annual “Boxlight STEM Day” on February 16

Using the Labdisc Portable STEM Lab, a Simultaneous Experiment Will Take

Place in Schools Across the U.S. and Latin America

– According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, STEM occupations are growing at a rate of 17 percent—significantly faster than the 9.8 percent growth rate of other professions. This means the majority of new jobs will be in STEM fields, and educators have to prepare students for a workforce that will be vastly different from today. Boxlight is lending its support to this effort by holding its second annual Boxlight STEM Day (#BLSTEM) in the United States and Latin America.

On February 16, students from schools with a Labdisc portable STEM lab can join the company in a hands-on, inquiry-based learning event designed to help them learn critical STEM skills. This year, students in Latin America, Texas, South Carolina, Missouri among others will use the Labdisc data logger to perform experiments that examine the relationship between speed, time, and distance. They will also explore graphs of distance versus time.

For the activity, students will use the Labdisc distance sensor, which measures distances from 0.4 to 10 meters. The sensor transmits an ultrasonic wave that travels through the air, hits an object, and then echoes back to the sensor. The Labdisc uses the time that passes between transmitting the sound and receiving its echo to calculate the distance.

Participating schools will be able to download a MimioStudio™ interactive lesson file or PDF containing experiment information, collaborative activities, assessment, and more at

“Boxlight STEM Day is about bringing awareness to inquiry-based learning and STEM education,” said Sunshine Nance, Boxlight’s VP of Marketing and Communications. “We developed the activity around the Labdisc because it simulates tools that students will be using when they enter into the workforce. Plus, it allows them take the activity out of the classroom or lab, which adds to the real-world aspect so they better understand how STEM disciplines apply to the world around them. Our goals are to help students grasp the relevance of STEM learning, build the skills they need to succeed, and see the fun in all of it.”

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