BoomWriter Launches its Second Annual Online Writing Camps

(BOSTON, MA) February 20, 2018BoomWriter Media, Inc. today announced its second annual Online Writing Camps, enabling educators to earn additional income during the summer break. These BoomWriter virtual camps provide students the opportunity to participate in five-day camp sessions in which they collaborate with their peer campers to write and publish a chapter book. Teachers promote and run their own camps, selecting camp dates and flexible daily schedules.

BoomWriter will provide support for educators every step of the way. Web-based professional development will give teachers strategies and ongoing direction on how to provide their campers with effective feedback and how to manage students’ revision requests.

“BoomWriter is a fun way for students to work on collaborative writing projects that don’t feel like school work,” said Chris Twyman, the CEO of BoomWriter. “The idea behind our Online Writing Camps is to provide educators an easy opportunity to make additional income from wherever they are during the summer break, while giving students meaningful activities to maintain key literacy skills.”

The Online Writing Camps run for five daily sessions and include writing instruction, personalized feedback, and collaborative peer review. To get their campers started each day, educators post a web-based writing lesson provided by BoomWriter. Campers read the “story start” chapter and begin writing the next chapter using the techniques and writing tips they’ve learned. Camp Leaders review their campers’ submissions and provide individualized feedback. Campers then participate in BoomWriter’s anonymous peer review voting process by selecting the winning chapter. That winning chapter becomes the next part of the story, and the process continues until the story is complete.

At the end of the camp, participants receive a published, paperback copy of the story sent directly to their home by BoomWriter. The book will contain the names of all participating campers, officially making each writer a published author.

For more information on Online Writing Camps, visit BoomWriter’s registration page.

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