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Boxlight Corporation (Nasdaq: BOXL) (“Boxlight”), a leading provider of technology solutions for the global learning market, today announced it has two new touch technology products ready to ship to classrooms throughout the United States. One, the MimioFrame touch board kit, is a front-of-classroom interactive solution that turns conventional whiteboards into touch boards in less than 15 minutes. The other product, the ProColor 490 Touch Table, enables small-group instruction by enables up to four students to work on interactive lessons; it can also be used to develop fine motor skills in special needs classrooms.


The MimioFrame touch board kit is a retrofit product that uses teachers’ existing classroom whiteboard, projector and computer to quickly and easily turn any whiteboard into a ten-touch interactive whiteboard. The kit’s major component is four gloss white aluminum frame pieces that install directly onto dry-erase boards – in just a matter of minutes – in a way that preserves valuable whiteboard space for other work. However, teachers and students gain an 87-inch (diagonal size) area that works with non-interactive projector to become an interactive touch space.

“An additional benefit of MimioFrame is that the kit allows educators to resurrect aging interactive whiteboards as well as turn non-interactive whiteboard/projector combinations into modern interactive digital classrooms,” said Mark Elliott, Boxlight’s CEO.

MimioFrame’s 10-point Touch 360° interactivity enables up to 10 single-point touch users or five dual-touch and gesture users to work together, using their finger or a stylus to write, draw or erase. Whether those users are writing and manipulating objects above, below, or parallel to one another, MimioFrame responds smoothly and consistently.

The MimioFrame touch board kit also includes the award-winning MimioStudio™ classroom software, which connects all Boxlight products, so using them in conjunction with the MimioFrame touch board is quick and easy. MimioStudio software allows educators to not only create interactive lessons and collaborative activities – it even gives teachers the ability to import existing lesson plans from other interactive software platforms. It also permits teachers to perform real-time formative assessment. The kit also includes the MimioMobile™ collaboration and assessment app, so Apple or Android mobile devices can be used to control the touch board from anywhere in the classroom. Each kit comes with three free MimioMobile connections.

ProColor 490 Touch Table

This 4K-resolution touch table includes the MimioStudio™ classroom software as well as the MimioMobile™ Team app, which allows up to four students to work together on interactive lessons and perform real-time assessments. Additionally, with MimioMobile Team students can work collaboratively on several touch tables in a single classroom and teachers can share any combination of students’ work on the front-of-the-class display.

The table’s screen enables up to 12 touch-points, allowing students to move, zoom, rotate, and draw in interactive activities with precision and ease. The ProColor touch screen is similar to that of a giant tablet, so special needs students with motor skill challenges can easily use it while also honing those fine motor skills.

Additionally, the ProColor 490 is height adjustable (29-36 inches) so that learning is accessible to all students. The touch table is designed to be classroom-rugged with spill-resistant, anti-glare glass and touch technology that eliminates interference from sleeves and arms. The table can be used as a stand-alone system with the standard i5 Windows PC plug-in with Wi-Fi.

“Both of these touch devices were created to enhance student engagement and collaborative learning,” said Elliott. “Their intuitive functions mirror the way students interact with devices outside of the classroom, so students can dive right into learning.”

About Boxlight Corporation

Boxlight Corporation (NASDAQ: BOXL)(“Boxlight”) is a leading provider of technology and STEM solutions for the global education market. The company improves student engagement and learning outcomes by providing educators the products they need for the 21 century classroom.

The company develops, sells, and services its integrated, interactive solution suite of software, classroom technologies, professional development, and support services. Boxlight also provides educators with thousands of free lesson plans and activities via MimioConnect, an interactive teaching community. For more information about the Boxlight story and its product offerings, visit


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