Kano Releases Full Suite of Coding Curriculum - Tech Learning
Creative Computing and Computer Science curricula, Design Challenge Cards, Professional Development Series, and more to be showcased at ISTE 2018

LONDON (JUNE 26, 2018) - Following its successful launch into the U.S. market in February, Kano, the DIY computer company, is updating its product line with a showcase reveal at this year’s International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference.

Highlighted products include the current Creative Computing and Computer Science Curriculum plans, as well as new tools targeted to educators including design challenge cards, a professional development series and design challenge student workbooks.

The Creative Computing and Computer Science curricula each include a fully developed lesson plan framework to help educators integrate computing and coding into learning spaces. The plans are a unique mix of teacher-led structure and student-led learning.

“Kano provides all of the tools you need to easily integrate coding into your classroom – even without prior experience,” said Nicholas Provenzano, middle school technology integrator and makerspace director at University Liggett School. “The lessons provide excellent ways to meld creativity with coding and are ideal for any learning environment.”

The upcoming professional development series will help bring coding into the classroom with 37 concise, easily digestible lesson plans. A combination of using simple steps and physical computing in conjunction with project-based learning gives teachers the opportunity to gain confidence with this important skill.

“We’ve found that a hands-on approach to coding is ideal for learners of any age,” said Paul Ramos, head of education for Kano. “This professional learning series helps teachers become comfortable with coding prior to introducing it to students.”

New design challenge cards and student workbooks will build upon existing tools to help expand students’ skills and offer unique challenges to boost learning.

The professional development series, design challenge cards and design challenge student workbooks will be available in August. To learn more about Kano, please visit https://kano.me or booth 2610 at the ISTE conference.

About Kano
Inspired by a challenge from a seven-year-old, Kano creates computer and coding kits for all ages, all over the world. Its mission is to make technology as simple and fun to create as it is to consume. Kano shipped the first "computer anyone can make" in September 2014 and is now expanding its retail presence more than four-fold.

With the Kano kits, makers of all ages go from block-based to real text coding, in languages like Python, JavaScript and Unix commands in a range of learn-to-code environments. For more information visit kano.me/educators. For more information on the Kano kits and multimedia assets, visit the Kano Press Pack.




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