Matific Announces National K–6 Math Competition

(New York, NY) January 24, 2018 ––Award-winning education technology company Matific is pleased to present the Matific Math Games Challenge, a free, online math competition aimed at improving American students' confidence and math skills in the classroom.

“This competition will give schools the opportunity to pilot a resource proven to help improve student test scores by 34%,” said Dor Abrahamson, an Associate Professor at Berkeley University and founding member of the International Advisory Board of Matific. “Our goal at Matific is to make immersive math learning apps available to children around the world, so that every child can have an appreciation of the beauty in math and its relevance to everyday life.”

Matific’s leading-edge technology and award-winning pedagogy provides optimal support for educators to convey math concepts in an effective and engaging manner. Matific takes a unique approach to teaching K–6 math, using hands-on and interactive mini-games that enable a blended learning approach in which teachers can select relevant episodes to integrate with hands-on math explorations in their classrooms. This process of guided self-discovery deepens students’ cognitive understanding, as well as their sense of personal achievement.

Students participating in the Matific Math Games Challenge complete activities on the app to earn stars (or points). The more activities students complete and the better they score on those activities, the more stars they earn. Every student wins at least one star per episode completed, with the potential to earn a maximum of five stars per activity. Each student can also play each activity up to five times during the course of the competition, in an effort to improve their score.

To provide a variety of ways to win prizes, the competition recognizes three separate categories: Schools, Classes, and Students. Registration is now open and will remain open until February 14. The Warm-up period is February 14 through February 20, with the main competition beginning February 21 and ending February 28, 2018.

At the end of the week, the schools with the highest average of stars will be awarded prizes, with first prize being $15,000 cash. Participating classes with the highest average of stars will also be eligible for prizes, as will individual students who have earned the most stars compared to their peers.

Interested educators can visit to register.

About Matific

Matific was developed by math professors and experts in early-age math education and games. Matific produces award-winning interactive online mini-games, or episodes, to reinforce the mathematical concepts taught by K–6 teachers. Matific’s mission is to proliferate high-quality math education worldwide, empower teachers and parents, make math intriguing, and open the gates to scientific thinking. Matific has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, with 2.5 million episodes played each month. For more information, visit

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