Missouri Online Summer Institute Provides Students with Online Courses at No Cost

Herndon, Virginia, June 4, 2018 — Middle and high school students across Missouri are taking advantage of the unique opportunity to earn original credit or recovery credits online by enrolling in the Missouri Online Summer Institute (MOSI). The virtual summer school, hosted by Grandview R-2 School District, gives students free access to a diverse catalog of rigorous online courses from Fuel Education®(FuelEd®). Students can enroll in the program until July 2, 2018 and can access the courses between May 18, 2018 and July 20, 2018.

“The online courses create flexibility for students to complete their courses wherever and whenever they choose, and for our teachers to make accommodations based on students’ specific learning needs,” said Elaine Schlett, the Online Summer School Coordinator at Grandview R-2 School District. “Flexibility is important because students enroll in MOSI for many reasons. Students recover credits, get ahead so they can pursue dual enrollment or internship opportunities during the year, and access courses their home district may not offer.”

MOSI offers more than 125 courses from FuelEd’s catalog of online courses, including:

  • Required elective courses such as Physical Education, Fine Art, and Personal Finance
  • Career-Technical Education courses to explore Agriculture, Health Sciences, Hospitality, and STEM career pathways
  • Language Arts courses such as English I-IV Credit Recovery courses, Creative Writing, and Mythology and Folklore
  • Math courses such as Algebra and Geometry Credit Recovery courses, Accounting, and Calculus
  • Science courses including Chemistry and Earth Science Credit Recovery courses, Forensic Science, and Astronomy
  • Social Studies courses such as American and World History Credit Recovery courses, Psychology, and Contemporary World Issues
  • World Languages courses such as Mandarin Chinese, French, and Latin
  • Elective courses such as Driver’s Safety, Real World Parenting, and Veterinary Science
  • Core subject and art courses for middle school students

MOSI is also offering its first Business and IT Boot Camp this summer. The curriculum includes FuelEd courses on C++, HTML5, Digital Arts, Web Design, and Microsoft Suite proficiency. The three-week program will be offered in two sessions: one in June and one in July.

“Some of these students’ home districts do not have summer school opportunities so students would have to recover credits during the regular school year, which could put them behind in their academic career,” said Schlett. “MOSI also exposes students to courses they may not have encountered otherwise. Virtual learning has so many advantages. FuelEd helps enhance the educational experience for our students and teachers.”

“In all honesty, these online classes have been instrumental in shaping my education thus far. I’ve been able to take classes that would otherwise not have been available at my school,” said Grandview student Mitchell Zoph who began taking online courses through MOSI as a freshman. “Additionally, I have been able to adapt my learning to focus on my potential career paths and interest because of the many classes offered. It’s been incredibly helpful to have the flexibility that comes with these online classes. For me personally, they have been an invaluable resource.”

FuelEd’s online coursework can be accessed online anytime, anywhere. Students learn at their own pace, and end-of-unit quizzes verify students are learning and retaining content. FuelEd’s credit recovery courses are specifically designed for students who need to recover credits, but learned enough to make a complete repetition of the course unnecessary. The courses are broken down into modules that start with a pre-test to evaluate the student’s existing knowledge. If a student demonstrates mastery during the pre-test, the adaptive release of content advances the student in the course so they can quickly recover credit for that course. For added support and motivation, embedded content teaches students about grit and helps them develop a growth mindset and social emotional learning practices.

To learn more about MOSI or to enroll, visit www.mosummerschool.org. To learn more about FuelEd’s catalog of online courses, visit www.fueleducation.com/curriculum.

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