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Ideas for Working With the January Slump

So how do we work through the January slump that sometimes happens?  A few ideas to help.
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We go back to school in 2 days. Last night, I entered scores, sent a parent email and planned for the week ahead. I realized that I was excited to go back, I always am, even though leaving my own children behind is bittersweet. But I also realized that I was tired, nervous about the coming week because surely the students would be just as tired, perhaps a bit unmotivated, and maybe even unhappy to be back at school. Knowing this I always treat January much as I treat September. It is chance for us to get to know one another again, to recommit to the community we have built, to laugh, and to learn and to not just think that school is one more thing we just have to get through.

So how do we work through the January slump that sometimes happens? A few ideas to help.

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