Join the 1 School 1 World Challenge Feb. 22nd #1S1W

Join the 1 School 1 World Challenge Feb. 22nd #1S1W

Last year, my 7th graders did the “Day in the life of a student” challenge and asked students around the world to join them by showcasing pictures of their typical school day. The conversation that it sparked as far as how similar our days could be or how very different they were was profound, while also leading to some great discussions at our school about the experience students have.

Today, I shared some of the images coming out of Detroit Public Schools and my students had a hard time understanding that this is the reality for students only 6 hours away from us. As we sit in our heated classrooms with nice carpet, books surrounding us, and a beautiful view of a prairie, the notion that other children even in our same state may have a different school experience is one that my students do not give much thought to.

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