Assessment Apps by Vicki Windman

As administrators and educators, we need to find ways to assess staff and students. If you work with special-needs students, part of the process is documenting goals that are measureable. We now have apps that can assist us with tracking students' progress.

There are quite a few free observation and data apps but you must commit to their software to sync your data. Examples include: Ecove, Stride walkthrough, RANDA, Observation 360, OASYS.

IEP checklist (opens in new tab) Free - A great tool to have at your fingertips when you need to track IEP goals for your students. It allows you to input relevant data so you can keep track of your student’s goals. Additionally, it now allows you to record individual notes while tracking student progress. (Editor's note, June 13, 2012: the IEP Checklist app is being revamped and should be available again shortly).

Percentally $2.99- Many of the IEP goals are looking for percentage benchmarks for an assigned goal. This app allows you to customize the goal for each student and mark progress using percentage. You can export your information to Google Docs so you have a back up record.

GoDocs (opens in new tab) $4.99 - Allows you to sync with your Google Docs, even if you have more than one account. It also allows you to edit on the iPad.

K12 timed Reading (opens in new tab) $1.99 - Fluency app. It allows more than one student levels K-4th grade. improving fluency allows readers to read smoothly and quickly so they can focus on comprehension rather than on decoding words.

Super Duper Data Tracker (opens in new tab) $1.99 - Organize your students into groups. Then enter your student’s names and their goals. Track incorrect and correct responses discreetly and efficiently.

Behavioral Tracker Pro (opens in new tab) 29.99 - Tracks behaviors and automatically graphs them. Supports unlimited number of children and observers!

Teacher Assistant Pro (opens in new tab) $3.99 - Keeps track of student actions, behavior, infractions, and achievements in the classroom.

SMART Response VE - Will be available shortly. If you use the Smart Board, this tool will allow you gain immediate insight into student understanding.

PAR Assessment Toolkit (opens in new tab) Free - Provides assistance to psychologists, mental health workers, and anyone else who administers standardized assessments. The scoring modules allow for conversion from raw scores to T scores for our most popular assessments.

Google doc teacher evaluation template- Add this to your Go Docs as a template to evaluate teachers.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.