My best and worst IT lessons #8: Logging in

My best and worst IT lessons #8: Logging in

Logging in -- Photo from CC0

Fortunately, the lesson I'm about to describe was not mine. It describes how a lot of time was wasted. Even more annoyingly, it was entirely avoidable.

I was observing the first lesson of the new Year 7 (11 year olds) in the computer lab. The teacher, a deputy head, was giving them their network log-in details.

This consisted of calling out their names in turn, telling them what their details were, and then getting them to try it out. Each one took around 2 minutes, and there were 30 kids in the class.

This activity took up the whole lesson, which was bad enough. What made it even worse was the fact that until or after a child had been given their log-ins, they had nothing to do. So out of a 60 minute lesson, each pupil was idle for 58 minutes.

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