#GEGNJ Power Hour 3

Our special guest was Jonathan Rochelle, Director of Product Management for Google Apps for Education.
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Monday we rolled the credits on another #GEGNJ Power Hour!! We were joined by a student from my school, Fair Haven (He is writing this in third person for me!). He talked about a kid’s point of view of #GAFE. Jeff Bradbury talked about lesson plans on Google Sites, Alyssa Miller talked Digital Portfolios, and Kim Mattina told us about Google Classroom.

Our special guest was Jonathan Rochelle, Director of Product Management for Google Apps for Education. He talked about Google Expeditions and how it came to be, and also gave away some Google Cardboards.
Below is the video of the show and here is the agenda which includes links to the things we discussed. We start crowdsourcing the agenda two weeks before the show and you can join #GEGNJ here even if you aren’t from New Jersey because not everyone can be perfect.

See you on May 9th for the next show!

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#GEGNJ Power Hour 2

On this episode of the Google Educators Group: New Jersey Power Hour show we had the amazing Regina Schaffer and her students talk about Google Apps for Education and CS First.

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#GEGNJ Power Hour 4

We talked to teachers using Google Classroom and CS First for the first time, and also heard how first time EdTech Coaches are rolling out Google Apps in their district.

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#GEGNJ Power Hour 5

In this episode, we talk to the Isaacs family and how they came to get involved in the Slides Q&A commercial, Google’s newest additions to #GAFE, and what’s the right age to roll out Gmail for a school district.

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Applying the Genius Hour in the Classroom

In the end, genius hour proves “genius” for motivating students to investigate and take ownership of their learning. It is easy to incorporate Personalized Learning, meeting students at their “just right” level and pace. It also compliments Inquiry Based Learning, as it uses a guiding question to lead the research.