Class Tech Tips: Camp Newsela Summer Reading Club for Current Events

Class Tech Tips: Camp Newsela Summer Reading Club for Current Events

Incorporating high-interest, current events articles into your classroom instruction is easy with Newsela. But what about out-of-school hours? How can you keep students engaged with informational text during the summer? The team behind this fantastic website has launched Camp Newsela to promote summer reading.

Beginning Monday, June 13th and running through the end of August, Newsela educators will distribute two articles per week in seven different interest categories. Kids can join one or more of the Newsela reading clubs using the special enroll codes found on Camp Newsela’s site. These clubs focus on different topics like politics, space and technology. If kids have access to an iOS device they can use the Newsela app I featured earlier this year to access the articles.

  • it promotes lifelong reading behaviors
  • students can stay up-to-date on current events issues
  • the topics are perfect for family discussions
  • kids can read on any device with Internet access
  • there is a competition built into the program
  • readers can join more than one club

I’ve shared lots of reasons in the past why I love using informational text like Newsela to build background knowledge and connect content to the real world. It’s so exciting to add Camp Newsela to the list of options for summer reading with technology tools!

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