Class Tech Tips: 6 Reasons to Try PBIS Rewards in Your School

Class Tech Tips: 6 Reasons to Try PBIS Rewards in Your School

Have you heard of PBIS Rewards? This PBIS management system makes it quick and easy to continuously reward students for meeting behavior expectations. PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. It’s an initiative that many schools have adopted to provide a common framework for behavior across a school or district. PBIS Rewards was designed to make this process efficient and easy for teachers – using technology.

  1. School-wide PBIS incentives: PBISRewards involves all students and teachers through an easy-to-use, consistent platform. Teachers can reward students anytime, anywhere using a smartphone or web browser.
  2. Teacher rewards:a The folks at PBIS Rewards have added teacher rewards this year. This feature can help schools with buy-in when introducing PBIS Rewards to staff. Teachers are rewarded for participating in the program.
  3. Advanced referral system: Also new this year, the advanced referral system makes it easy to keep track of behavior issues in a school and follow the appropriate chain of communication.
  4. Strengthen relationships between teachers and students: The simplicity of rewarding a student through a quick scan promotes interaction between student and teacher. It gives teachers an opportunity to pause and recognize students throughout the day to offer positive reinforcement.
  5. Suite of PBIS Apps: There are a handful of PBIS Apps that encourage teacher, administrator, student, and parent involvement. These apps are available on iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Amazon making it perfect for teachers and families with lots of different devices.
  6. No more paper tickets: PBIS Rewards creates a digital token economy to streamline and automate the process of rewarding, tracking, and redeeming points. There are features to monitor point goals, run a school store, event registration and more.

If you are a school with a PBIS initiative – or looking to start one – PBIS Rewards can definitely help. Learn more about PBIS Rewards by visiting their website!

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