All About Answer Pad

The Answer Pad is an educational tool with two powerful functionalities: it is both a student response system with a focus on drawing and "show what you know," and a grading solution for teacher-created quizzes. Browser-based for teachers, it works on any device (BYOD), browser or on free apps for iOS or Android for students. It is an ideal tool for engaging students for any grade/subject area, and turning a classroom paperless.

New Features


  • Quick Connect - no student registration required or prep time for teachers (login via a code).
  • Feedback - color and text feedback with the unlock, so that students can retry their answer.
  • Broadcast - teachers can send out one of the students responses to the entire class. This is great way for classroom discussion with the names hidden.
  • Send a Web Page - Teacher can send a web page, video, etc to students so they can view w/out having to leave the interactive session.
  • quick checks for understanding by just asking questions and sending a response type make it super simple.
  • draw tool can easily be sent out for students to work through a problem, etc.
  • Hide names, send out a multi-step problem. Students complete the first step and classroom discusses the anonymous responses. As a group decide which answer is best and broadcast response to entire class.
  • Yes or No; students discuss response and incorrect responses can be sent to the group to correct.

Answer Sheet

  • Essay question and multiple correct multiple choice question types now available. These work in conduction w/ the built-in scratch pad that allows a teacher to see and give partial credit for work.
  • Live Monitor - watch live as students work through an assessment

More resources

Check out Answer Pad by clicking here. Below is a demonstration:

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