Class Tech Tips: 4 Terrific Tips for Teachers New to Coding

If you’re brand new to coding, bringing computer science into your school can feel like a daunting task. The team at Pythonroom have created a special online platform for teachers new to coding. Although experienced computer science teachers will definitely love this site, teachers who are just getting started with coding will appreciate how Pythonroom sets them up for success. Pythonroom was designed for teachers with no prior coding experience and it’s easy to get started.

  1. Since students all learn at different paces, keeping a strict structure can leave some students bored and others feeling like they have to play catch up. Using a platform that lets students work at their own pace can be super helpful.
  2. Grading assignments can be tedious, especially if if teachers feel like they have to go through each student’s work manually. Pythonroom has grading and classroom reports to measure student progress.
  3. A teacher dashboard can make the difficult task of monitoring the entire classroom a lot easier. Teachers can see an in-depth view of their classroom learning, while not spending time or effort to manually monitor the class.
  4. Choosing a quality, vetted curriculum can definitely make life easier for teachers who are new to coding. Pythonroom is a platform that provides quality instruction to students with curriculum built from the feedback of thousands of instructors and students.

It’s hard to introduce a new topic to students if we feel like our lack of a deep knowledge will get in the way of their success. As we embrace new literacies – like computer science – tools like Pythonroom make it simple for teachers who know what they want to expose their students to but aren’t sure just how to get started.

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