Class Tech Tips: 8 How-To Tips to Energize Your Classroom with EdTech in 2017

Class Tech Tips: 8 How-To Tips to Energize Your Classroom with EdTech in 2017

The new year is a natural time for us to reflect on our current practices and make plans for the future. This year I’ve been focusing on sharing ideas for teachers that help them get started with new technology tools. Although I think it’s still important to curate favorite apps and tools for other educators, my goal this past year was to put together some step-by-step guides and quick overviews of how to get started with new technology tools.

This list of How-Tos covers a range of ways to put some of my favorite edtech tools into action. It includes some “ready tomorrow” ideas to try out right away with students. You’ll also find activity descriptions and examples you’ll want to tailor to your subject area, grade level, teaching style, and of course the individual needs of your students.

EdTech How-To Tips

How-To 3D Print a Virtual Reality Headset

3D printing helps students bring their ideas to life. This post shares how to get started printing 3D virtual reality headsets, similar to a Google Cardboard.

How-To Use GarageBand in the Reading Classroom

Garageband is a terrific tool for students looking to record their voice or musical creations. This post shows how you can use Garageband to energize reading lessons.

How-To Create an Interactive Word Wall with #ScannableTech

Augmented reality and QR codes can be used to create interactive displays for students. This post provides tips for creating your own word walls that come to life for students.

How-To Build an Evidence-Based Argument in Six Simple Steps

It’s so important that students understand how to build and support an argument. This post shows how the lesson resources on ThinkCERCA can help students strengthen argumentative writing.

How-To Strengthen Student Listening Skills with Podcasts

I absolutely love podcasts because they are free, easy to access and cover a wide range of topic. This post shares strategies for using podcasts in your classroom.

How-To Create a Class Newsletter with Spark Page

Newsletters help teachers and schools share information with families about the events happening in throughout the month. This post profiles Spark Page a free tool for creating webpages.

How-To Use QR Codes to Curate Resources for Students

Teachers are constantly curating, or handpicking, resources for their classroom. This post covers tips for using QR codes to place just-right resources in the hands of your students.

How-To Build Stronger Writers & Readers with Authentic Research Projects

Authentic audiences can help students set a purpose for their reading and writing activities. This post shows how Frontier can be used for research projects in an elementary school class.

As you get ready to kick off the new year try out one of these how-to tips in your classroom. Don’t forget to share your journey with education technology with other teachers by leaving a comment on this post.

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