Making the Computing Curriculum Interesting

Making the Computing Curriculum Interesting

It takes quite some doing, I think, to take a vibrant, exciting subject like ICT and Computing and reduce it in many people's minds to a male-oriented, geeky and basically boring coding-fest. But that's what some people in England managed to achieve.

Please note: I said "in many people's minds". I still think the subject can be very interesting, gender-neutral and not just about coding, it's just that you have to work at it, and be a heck of a good marketer.

Some years ago I wrote an article called Shock Tactics, which was about how to make ICT more interesting. I think many if not all of the suggestions would work today, not least because what I was advocating was a different sort of approach to the subject.

At the EduTech Show in October I'll be talking about ten ways to jazz up your Computing curriculum. I've given talks with the same title before, but I tend to change most of the ten things each time.

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