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If you are already using interactive games in the classroom, Flip Quiz will certainly be a favourite of yours.
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If you are already using interactive games in the classroom, Flip Quiz will certainly be a favourite of yours. 

Flip Quiz is a game generation tool that will enable you to create Jeopardy! style games. After signing up, you can start creating your game board. The tool gives you categories to add your questions and your answers. You don’t have to use all the categories; you can delete some if you like. You can add a picture, video or a link to your questions and to your answers as well. When you are done, you can get the link to play it in the classroom. The good thing is that you don’t have to sign in to play your game.

This tool is not a new one, but it’s a pity that I have missed Flip Quiz for a long time. That’s a great tool to make a quick review of the previous lessons or to pre-assess what they know about the upcoming topic. We can even ask our students to create quizzes for their friends. As it supports pictures, it can be used even in lower primary and it’s pretty user-friendly and fun.

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Özge Karaoglu is an English teacher and educational consultant in teaching young learners and teaching with web-based technologies. She is the author of Minigon ELT book series, which aims to teach English to young learners through stories. Read more of her ideas about teaching English through technology and Web-based tools at ozgekaraoglu.edublogs.org.



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