Classroom Screen

Classroom Screen

Here is a really cool tool that will turn your screen into a digital one with various tools that you can choose to use and your students will definitely love.

To use Classroom Screen, go to the tool and project it to a screen in the classroom. Now, your screen is an interactive board and you can use many of the tools that are displayed at the bottom of it. You can change your background, write or copy your classroom list and generate a name, use the calculator if you need or create a QR code immediately on the screen. You can turn your screen into a one that you can draw on it, write text or choose from various work symbols which are great for classroom management. You can also use the traffic light tool to control the classroom noise. You can set a classroom timer for group or pair works or you can project the clock on the screen.

This tool is sure to be one of my favourites this year!

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