Focus: What You See Is What You Get - By Darren Draper

Focus: What You See Is What You Get - By Darren Draper

I wonder if we really understand how much our actions outside of school drastically affect our performance inside of school; but not justouractions - or even those of our children. I'm talking about the actions and attitudes of greater society. Thinkbig.

Consider for a moment, what might happen if Katy was really the name of an eleventh-grade student, sitting at the 25-yard line in the photo below, intently preparing to take her AP math exam.

With this level of support, might her academic performance improve? Might she be motivated to put in the time it takes to gain AP-caliber skills? Might those at home also push her toward success, even paying some of the price it takes for nations to be the best?

While many look to technology as a savior in times of educational distress, until we - as a society - learn to focus on what's truly important... we'll continue to get what we've desired all along. I just wish these desires would have reached loftier heights than the leagues of overinflated egos we continue to pay to entertain us in our weekend stupors.

Does your school reallywant to make adequate yearly progress? How about your nation? Might I suggest a change in focus.

Focus: What you see is what you get.


Image sources: Flickr usersPhilipsPhotosanddsevilla.