Best iPad App Developers

As the search for the best education apps continues, certain developers are working diligently to expand from a single app to an entire line of apps. Each developer seems to have a similar theme, making the learning curve easier for the purchaser.

Jungle Education has three colorful apps that are multi-lingual, multiple levels and tracks student progress. The apps are for elementary school meeting core curriculum standards.

eskillslearning has apps in reading comprehension, language arts, and math. These apps have three to four levels, ranging from grades one through six within the app. There is also an option to buy full classroom versions. Many of the apps correlate with the Core Standards. Has nearly 30 apps for speech therapy, including apps for autism, apraxia, articulation, caseload management, dysphagia, fluency/stuttering, language skills, oral motor, Spanish and screening and testing. Their apps range from $4.99 -$39.99. Has over 14 apps from Course Assistant Apps: Pre algebra, calculus, multivariable calculus, statistics, astronomy, music theory, physics, chemistry to reference apps: US Presidents, Words, to US States. Their prices range from $.99-$4.99. Has grades one through three full-version math apps. They are $9.99 each.

  • 1st grade math splash math Free – try the free version- 15 chapters, covering over 200 math concepts and an endless supply of problems. It is by far the most comprehensive math workbook in the app store. All of the included problems are aligned with state standards for first grade. - 5 apps each $.99

  • Teach Me Toddler, Kindergarten and First Grade, Sight Words and Times Table. Tracks individual student progress. Teach Me apps progress from word sounds, words, addition subtraction and handwriting. Webpage not only describes the app but gives a video prior to purchase. Apps range in price from $5.99-7.99. Apps track student practice with different levels as students progress; the visual and auditory capabilities allow students to record their answers.

  • Preposition Builder, Language Builder, Sentence Builder, Speech Journal, Conversation Builder, Question Builder and Story Builder. All of these apps are geared for English language learners or students with autism or intellectual disabilities. Many of these apps are iPhone apps that can be enlarged on the iPad. They have about 120 apps at $.99 each. Their apps are for children are geared for students with autism and intellectual disabilities. Their apps are user-friendly with photographic images to help students who need realistic graphics rather than cartoons. Apps include Problem Solving, Flashcards, Listening Lotto, Receptive Identification, and more.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.