Apps to support memory and auditory processing goals

One of the most challenging searches is finding apps for those students who struggle with working memory, auditory memory and auditory processing issues. There are memory apps such as matching apps and brain trainer, but they only cover one of the areas. The apps below address these difficulties and offer lite versions for $.99. They don't collect data but do allow you to track three students in one app. The teacher or therapist will have to set up an observation checklist if they are using the app to meet IEP goals.

Following Directions/Auditory Processing:
Fun With Directions HD Lite ($.99) Fun with Directions HD is the full version ($9.99). The goal of the app is to follow directions using working memory, auditory memory and auditory processing This app helps students with visual discrimination, spatial relations, finger isolation, and the ability to follow directions both visually and auditory.

The app has three levels: easy, intermediate and advanced, and a variety of options: different users, text on or off when presenting concept, voice commands on or off, and superstar directions that add a surprise while working on the app.

When you input different users you can customize each program. In both the lite and the paid version you can change the concept the student is working on. The paid version offers nine concepts to work on, while the lite version only uses the concepts “give” and “touch." You can work on an individual concept or set the app for random. Concepts in the paid version are based on each level. Easy works on a chosen concept based on student need. The intermediate level incorporates more than one direction, such as the concept “find” the “orange” dominos and “push” them down. The advanced level continues to use a concept but adds more direction: With your “blue” pencil, “erase” the “large” one that is a “vehicle” and “drives” on the road. The app covers identification of large/small, colors, animals, top/bottom, first/last, etc and reinforces correct answers with a noise, such as a bell.

More Fun with Directions Lite $.99 a continuation of the above app. In the lite version the concepts include “behind” and “put in." The full version, More Fun with Directions( $9.99 ) includes 12 new concepts. The app is particularly good for students with developmental delays, autism or auditory processing difficulties and is perfect for mainstream preschool age children.

Examples of IEP goals that these apps can support:

  • Given instruction, “Student” will improve processing of new concepts and directions that are presented verbally, in 7 out of 10 opportunities, with therapist's assistance.
  • Given instruction, “Student” will develop and improve auditory processing of verbally presented information (especially higher level ideas and abstract thought) and multi-step directions, with limited direct therapist and teacher-intervention, in 8 out of 10 opportunities.
  • Auditory memory: Follow auditory directions of increasing length and complexity - 2, 3, 4 step directions.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.