DENny Award Winners 2012 - Discovery Educator Network Awards

DENny Award Winners 2012 - Discovery Educator Network Awards

Last night was the DENny Awards 2012, the annual awards where the Discovery Educator Network and Discovery Education honor DEN members for their efforts throughout the years. It's the Oscars for us. In fact, the Discovery Education employees that ran the event were wearing tuxedo t-shirts!

You can view the entire thing, which was live streamed from Discovery Education HQ last night, below:

You can also check out some of the tweets from last night #DENnyawards.

I was honored to have won a DENny for "PL DEN", a play on PLN (personal learning network), for my work sharing and connecting with other educators about Discovery Education resources on social media and the DEN blog for the CT Leadership Council. I according to DEN, I've tweeted over 132 times sharing Discovery Ed resources and posted over 100 blog posts on the DEN Blog.

(I was also honored last year with a DENny for my contributions to the DEN blog. I'm truly humbled by the awards).

Connecticut had a good showing last night, with Howard Gunther winning a DENny for Best DEN Event for the SCICon Event held at the Mark Twain house and Joe Fromme, the CT Leadership Council's fearless leader, winning a DENny for Leadership. Lynn Reedy and I were also finalists to be DEN Guru's this year and, while we weren't selected, were both honored to be part of such a distinguished group of educators that were the 12 finalists.

It was a fun event and I love the people in the DEN and from Discovery Education that I get to work with.

Discovery Education and the Discovery Educator Network do so much for educators and education. They are a dedicated group of educators and professionals that work to support educators in their job of educating our youth.

Why don't you join the Discovery Educator Network and become a STAR Educator!

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