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Recent Inspiration - By Darren Draper

I thought I'd take a few of the more meaningful statements I've heard and read lately and share with you the images that have been brought to my mind.Original image source Flickr user It'sGregQuotation source Erica GoldsonQuestion What are you doing
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I thought I'd take a few of the more meaningful statements I've heard and read lately and share with you the images that have been brought to my mind.

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Original image source: Flickr userIt'sGreg
Quotation source: Erica Goldson

  • Question: What are you doing to ensure that next year's Valedictorian doesn't one-up Ms. Goldson?

Original image source: Flickr
Quotation source:Scott McLeod

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  • Answer: Um, good question.
  • More serious answer: This year in our District, we will be developing a series of after-school classes that parents can attend with their students. These classes will focus on social networking and other technology-related behaviors that today's kids engage in.
  • Question: Are the issues surrounding teaching kids about online social networking similar to those also surrounding sex-ed?

Original image source: Flickr usernatalielucier

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Quotation source:Elliot Soloway

  • Question: What is your school doing withdata? Is it helping kids learn?

Original image source: Flickr userhorizontal.integration
Quotation source:Chris Lehmann

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  • Question: What is your school doing to build citizens? I mean, other than helping them pass the test...

Finally, one that I found while searching for pics. I just couldn't pass this up.

Original image source: Flickr usersuperkimbo in BKK.

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Quotation source:Kim Cofino

Strong. Very strong.



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The Ideal School Library - By Darren Draper

In my opinion, the ideal school library will provide a highly liberating learning environment.  In other words, I think that our libraries should be comfortable, collaborative, open, social, connective, modern, clean, up to the minute, and with shooshing not generally

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To the Teachers of My Children - By Darren Draper

My grandfather’s passing last month accompanied, for me, several very important lessons that rarely come in any other fashion Life is short.Time is precious.Quite often, we don’t fully appreciate what we have until it’s gone.As a result, I’m writing with hopes that

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Blocking For Balance, by Darren Draper

Last week, I made a conscious decision to block Facebook from being accessed on the network of Canyons School District schools. Being a K 12 public school district, I didn’t feel that it was in the best interest of our

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My Kind of Library - By Darren Draper

I know I may be crazy and I know I'm sometimes prone to moving cheese. But give it to me straight Is it really so disgusting that I actually want our libraries to look. more. like. THIS?Comfortable, open, collaborative, social,