Recent Inspiration - By Darren Draper

Recent Inspiration - By Darren Draper

I thought I'd take a few of the more meaningful statements I've heard and read lately and share with you the images that have been brought to my mind.

Original image source: Flickr userIt'sGreg
Quotation source: Erica Goldson

  • Question: What are you doing to ensure that next year's Valedictorian doesn't one-up Ms. Goldson?

Original image source: Flickr
Quotation source:Scott McLeod

  • Answer: Um, good question.
  • More serious answer: This year in our District, we will be developing a series of after-school classes that parents can attend with their students. These classes will focus on social networking and other technology-related behaviors that today's kids engage in.
  • Question: Are the issues surrounding teaching kids about online social networking similar to those also surrounding sex-ed?

Original image source: Flickr usernatalielucier

Quotation source:Elliot Soloway

  • Question: What is your school doing withdata? Is it helping kids learn?

Original image source: Flickr userhorizontal.integration
Quotation source:Chris Lehmann

  • Question: What is your school doing to build citizens? I mean, other than helping them pass the test...

Finally, one that I found while searching for pics. I just couldn't pass this up.

Original image source: Flickr usersuperkimbo in BKK.

Quotation source:Kim Cofino

Strong. Very strong.