Resistant to Change? by Cheryl Oakes

BubbleShare: Share photos - Easy Photo Sharing See if this applies to you? old snow shoes, new snowshoes, how hard is that??? Many of you are probably thinking it is a no brainer, new snowshoes! Well, I am going to make a connection here from old wooden snowshoes, comfort, a known quantity and any new technology, uncomfortable, an unknown and new, just plain new. Why? Why did I drag my old snowshoes out of the basement to go snowshoeing with friends? They were there. I knew how to use them. I knew they would work. Purpose What was my purpose for snowshoeing on a winter day? I wanted to go snowshoeing on a windy day when the ski lifts were not operating. I wanted to be with my friends. Results What were the results? I grabbed my ski poles, for balance and breaking trail. I put on my snowshoes. I hiked perfectly in the snow. I slipped and slid all over the ice. My friends did not slip and slide with their new and improved technologically tuned snowshoes. This is pretty funny, you are the geeky girl and you have the oldest equipment! Reflection What did I think after the trip? All during the hike my friends commented on how unwieldy my old snowshoes were. Several people commented during the hike, oh are those your grandfathers snowshoes? I did slip and slide out of control on the ice while my friends with the new 'technology' were able to move through snow and ice with ease. How does this relate to technology and our classrooms? We need to plan. We take out the tried and true. It has always worked. It will work again. We continue on until someone in our network, asks us to join them. We may be reluctant, we may go along with them giving the excuse that we don't have time to try something new, the old way has worked..... but I ask you to ask yourself. Why are you doing something? What is your purpose? How are your results? After you reflect will you do this the same way again? That is all we can ask of ourselves, if we can affirm that what we are doing is the best and we have the results to prove it, then that is all we can ask of ourselves. However, if we have a network where we can share and reflect and try something new, compare the results then that may be the best that we can do for our students. Are you still resistant to change? Not me, I purchased some .... some new pink ultra modern snowshoes!