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10 Sites for Keyboarding & Typing

10 Sites for Keyboarding & Typing

Keyboarding, or typing, is one the first and most vital skills for students to learn for technology literacy. This skill is the building block for using a computer and one that starts as early kindergarten, if not sooner. Also, this is a good skill to teach in using "centers or blocks," free time, or even summer school. This list is in alphabetical order.

10 Sites for Keyboarding &Typing

  1. Alpha Munchies - A fun games for kids for trying to type a letter above a critter before they reach the bottom of the screen.
  2. Dance Mat Typing - A 12-level typing game for kids aged 7-11.
  3. Good Typing - A free online course for keyboarding with 27 guided lessons.
  4. Keybr - A nice site for learning how to type, with typing tips, accurate scoring, and the ability to track your speed. This site is very similar to Mavis Beacon.
  5. Learning Games for Kids - A great site for educational games including over 20 games for keyboarding.
  6. Letter Bubbles - A fun game with three different levels. Users try to type the letter in the bubble before they reach the edge of the screen.
  7. Listen and Write - An interesting site where users listen to stories and type what they hear.
  8. Power Typing - A nice collection of five online typing games.
  9. Typing Web - A excellent free typing tutor that has a teacher portal for student tracking. Also, certificates can be printed out on completion of lessons.
  10. Word Games - A great site for a collection of word games, as well as typing. There are over 20 educational typing games that track scores as well as typing speed.

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