A to Z Web Tools: L+M

Here are two new letters on the list:

LittleBirdTalesis a site where you can upload your drawings and record your voice for each picture to create your story.

ListenandWrite is a dictation tool where you hear the audio and write the words.

LetThemSingitForYou is a site where you write the lyrics of your song and let the site sing it for you.

LinkBlip lets you monitor when the links you have sent to others has been clicked.

LucidChart is another way to collaborate on a document simultaneously.

Linoit lets you leave sticky notes that includes text, picture, link, video or animations in a collaborative way with others.

Lexipedia is a tool to visualize words in a map.

LetsCrate is a tool to share documents with others.

LunaPic is a tool to edit your photos online and share with others.

LegoComicBuilder lets you create online comic using lego characters.

Learnit in5 is a website where you can learn any topic about edtech in 5 minutes.

Librophile is a website where you can find free audio books.

Lizmoz is a tool to create super easy lists online.

Loonapix lets you add some funny photo effects to your pictures online.

MoshiMonsters is a virtual world for children where children can create their own cute monster avatars, play games and practice English with them.

MultiURL is a tool to combine links into one short link and share it with others.

MyStoryMaker allows you to create a story using different characters, settings and items to move around on the story.

MythsandLegends is a tool to create your own digital stories.

MakeBeliefComics is a simple tool to create comics by adding different characters, back grounds and text in speech bubbles.

Mixbook is a collaborative tool to create customizable photo books, cards and calendars online.

MailFreezer is a site where you can freeze an email up to 100 years and send it any time you want in 100 years of time.

Magnato is a tool to create an online page with text, pictures, videos and stickers.

Meetifyr is a site that helps you to find the best time to meet with your friends.

Memidex is an online dicitionary and a thesarus.

MindMeister is an online collaborative mind mapping tool that you can brainstorm with others real-time.

Mailvuis a simple tool to record yourself and send it as a video.

MeetingWordsis a collaborative text editor.