Some ideas for Interdisciplinary Activities by David Andrade

Interdisciplinary activities are anything you do in your class that requires students to use ideas, skills and knowledge from multiple subject areas to complete the task. For instance, doing artwork in science class to illustrate a concept. I was reading an article in Science Teacher magazine yesterday and came up with some ideas to do in my Physics classes.

1. Have students write a short, fiction story that utilizes or explains physics concepts as part of the story. I was also thinking that they could take a science fiction movie or story and address the physics of the movie (real vs. fiction.).

2. Write a song, poem, or rap about a physics concept as a great study aid.

3. Write/create/blog/wiki/poster/presentation applying physics to music, art, etc. One example would be the physics of light and color related to art, or the physics of sound related to their favorite instrument.

4. Create/write/blog/wiki/presentation about how a scientific discovery or new technology has changed the world and history.

I also realized that these types of projects can integrate 21st century skills and technology skills and will definitely be more interesting than a lecture. Students will learn alot and have fun.

Share your ideas for interdisciplinary activities with us!