18 Essential Questions for Your School's iPad Plan

Does your school have an iPad plan?On paper it sounds great when you tell parents the district is using iPads this year, but there needs to a very clear plan on how the iPads will be used. The following questions should be considered:

  1. How will you keep track of your iPads?
  2. Who is responsible for charging and syncing iPads?
  3. Who will update iPad software?
  4. What is the app purchasing policy?
  5. Who will choose the apps for the iPads?
  6. Can students take the iPads home?
  7. Are you providing the necessary hardware (cases, styluses, headphones, etc)?
  8. What is the insurance policy if an iPad breaks?
  9. Who is responsible for paying for replacement of an iPad?
  10. Who is training teachers how to use the iPads?
  11. Will the district provide Professional Development Days for iPad training?
  12. Do you have assessment apps to track students' progress?
  13. Do you have assessment apps to track teachers’ progress?
  14. Have you discussed how the use of iPads will be integrated into your educational processes?
  15. Does your school have Wi-Fi?
  16. Will your iPads connect through a separate wireless network that allows them to pass through directly?
  17. Will you create a separate policy that identifies iPads on your existing wireless network and treats them differently?
  18. How will you keep students from browsing the Internet?

If you have a well thought-out plan, you'll be ahead of the game. Consider consulting with other districts that have implemented the iPad or speak with iPad consultants who specialize in helping schools prepare for iPad utilization.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South