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Toys “R” Us: R U Kidding?

Nope, looks like an Android 4.0 tablet will nestle alongside Buzz Lightyear and Woody at Toys “R” Us stores as well as online at
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Nope, looks like an Android 4.0 tablet will nestle alongside Buzz Lightyear and Woody at Toys “R” Us stores as well as online at All the specs and features for this Ice Cream Sandwich running Android device can be found on this Toys “R” Us page: But where did it come from?


Looks like a toy-making company, Techno Source may be responsible for the latest tablet, although I did see a company called Inspiration Works referenced, too. Kurio is meant for kids, but may interest adults as well. I had difficulty getting past the video on the Techno Source home page, but most will go directly to the Toys “R” Us page to purchase Kurio. For $149, parents might also look beyond Angry Birds, especially with the Kurio’s parent control options, and with 8 separate log-ins available Kurio might be useful to large families, classroom groups, or for center sharing. Looks like Kurio may also come in different sizes, starting at 7-inches. It’s wrapped in a fairly kid-safe bumper to protect against drops from little hands to hard places.

Kurio may be something. Initially, I laughed at a Toys “R” Us tablet, but with a bit more thinking—an android device, upgradeable from 4GB to 32 GB internal memory, with WiFi, camera capable of video chats with grandparents, touch screen and HDMI, it is no laughing matter. It may even pique the interest of adult android hackers—in a good way. “Mom and Dad, have you seen my Kurio? You’re not Web surfing on it again!”

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