Special-Needs Apps Checklist: 25 Key Features

With over 67,000 apps, how do educators decide which apps will meet the needs of their students? Preparing a rubric or a checklist is a good way to see if the app meets your criteria.

Checklist for Special Needs iPad Apps

Special Needs App Name:

IEP Goals:

Common Core Standards:

Ease of use

Can be used independently

Connects to the Common Core Standards

Matches IEP Goals

Tracks student data

Tracks progress

Allows more than one student to use app

Has different levels to meet individual student needs

Has audio capability for reading apps or directions

Allows teachers to add their own content

Will not move levels unless a passcode is provided

Can be passcoded for confidentiality

Provides verbal praise

Does not use red x’s

Ability to contact developer

Ability to send home student work via email

Can record students when working on fluency

Allows for student manipulation

Offers a free or limited version to evaluate

Skills are reinforced and connected to an IEP Goal or CSS

Gives student feedback

Uses real voices rather than computerized voices

Not too distracting- either with colors or music

Allows user to save work

Note taking apps: Assist in executive functioning skills

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South