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Mobile Learning Questions

Prediction: If mobile learning only focuses on drill-and-kill activities, then mobile learning will fail.
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Mobile Learning Summit 2012

How will you use mobile learning?

Prediction: If mobile learning only focuses on drill-and-kill activities, then mobile learning will fail.
Why only use mobile learning for apps?
How can teachers improve student learning through the social interactive parts of mobile learning?

Questions for Mobile Learning

1. What is the role of teachers in mobile learning?
2. How can the students learn through collaboration inside and outside the classroom?
3. How do students do higher-level thinking for in-depth learning?
4. How can teachers increase students’ learning time?
5. How do students demonstrate their learning on a daily or weekly basis?
6. How do teachers constantly monitor students learning and provide new learning strategies? How do students monitor their own learning?
7. How do students bring their world into the classroom to make learning real?
8. How do students take their learning out into the world?
9. How do students communicate for learning through texting, Facebook, and phone calling?
10. How do students learn from media as well as written information?
11. How do students learn more when they interact with people outside the class/state/nation?

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Mobile Learning

From device management to content flow, here’show districts make it possible to offer 24/7learning in a device-agnostic environment.

Mobile learning embraced, safely

The number of districts implementing mobile learning programs grows every year. Inexpensive Netbook and tablet solutions, as well as increasingly common "Bring Your Own Device" programs, have made it easier for more schools to realize the anytime/anywhere educational benefits of mobile learning.