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7 ways innovative educators use Twitter during a disaster #Sandy

7 ways innovative educators use Twitter during a disaster #Sandy

Innovative educators who experienced Hurricane Sandy this past week turned to Twitter to communicate, connect, and share information.

Here are some ways Twitter was used as a resource.

  1. Teacher Account - A teacher can have an account to stay in touch with students. If the teacher has a webpage or blog she can embed her Tweets there.
  2. Principal Account - School leaders can keep staff, students, and parents informed via their Twitter account. These Tweets can be embedded on the school website.
  3. School Twitter Account - Use your school Twitter account to share information for your school community. Embed these Tweets on your website.
  4. Create an Account - Create an account that is dedicated to information related to the disaster.
  5. District Account - Ensure your school community is aware of the district Twitter account that can provide instant updates.
  • @franasaur: Power is back on at the iSchool! Planning to meet staff + students there on Monday morning. The alternate location was Laguardia HS.”
  • Example: “@PrincipalBrown: School will reopen for students and staff tomorrow, Monday, November 5th, 2012. Can't wait to see everyone!”
  • Example: “@HudsonHSLT: School will be session Monday, November 5, 2012 @ 8:15 am. See you soon!”
  • Example: "@prepare4monday: Good! Developing plan for where to send kids who need supplies, clothing, or support. This is productive as long as it actually happens."
  1. Education News account - Know who covers the local education news and see what they’re Tweeting.
  2. Know the hashtag for your area - Not only is it important to know the hashtag being used during a disaster, but it is also important to find out if there is a tag particular to where you are. For example during Hurricane Sandy this was the hashtag used for NYC residents: #SandyNYC .
  • Example: "@gothamschools: For teachers who are parents: "Individual principals have discretion over whether to allow their staff to bring children to work" on Friday"
  • Example: @MikeBloomberg: 80% of the subway system is back online. @MTAInsider expects that to be 90% tomorrow #SandyNYC

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