My Favourite Web Tools of 2012

As we are approaching the New Year, I thought it would be great to look back to catch with some great web tools.

BuildYourWildSelfis a tool that you can use to attach different animal parts to a human body and share it as a link or as a print out with others.

ShutterCalis a picture calendar where you can upload your pictures on a calendar for each day and write your text to share it with others.

Storybirdis a collaborative digital storytelling tool which lets you to become the writer and the publisher of your own books. You can search from professional artists’ artwork to start building up your story and you can set up a class account, work and moderate your students’ works easily.

Lyrics Trainingis a tool that lets you watch and listen to music videos from YouTube. As you watch and listen to the songs, you fill in the missing words that appear underneath the video.

Poppletis a great tool for collaborative mind mapping where you can add pictures, videos, text and even drawings. It is fully customizable and you can collaborate on a popplet with your students to brainstorm.

PhotoPeach lets you create slideshows with your pictures, text and music. Moreover, it gives you the chance to add a quiz on your slideshow.

Vocaroois a tool to record your voice without downloading a software and share it with others. This tool is great for speaking and listening activities!

HowJsay is an online speaking dictionary of English word. The words are pre-recorded individually and this is not in a form of synthetic speech. You can hear the American and the British accent of the words with a clear voice.

SafeShareTv is a tool to eliminate the offensive materials in a video and lets you view videos in safe way and let you crop YouTube videos.

TodaysMeet is a back-channel room to use the live stream to make comments, ask questions and share ideas. If you are using mobile technologies in your classroom, this tool is the best!

Textivate allows you to automatically generate multiple different exercises using the text that you have provided, ranging from fill in the blanks, missing words to scrambled sentences. They have twenty seven variations that you can try.

OneWord is a tool that gives you one word and sixty seconds to write about it. This tool is great for writing exercises.

MailVu is a tool to create and send instant video emails. You can record yourself or upload a video. This tool also lets you to set a self-destruct time.

LearnClicklets you create cloze tests, multiple choice quizzes or matching exercises from the text that you have provided.

Pixton is a tool to easily create, share, remix and publish your comic strip stories with others.

Enjoy these web tools before the year ends.