Ten Sites Supporting iPads In Education… A Post Of Resources! by Michael Gorman

Ten Sites Supporting iPads In Education… A Post Of Resources! by Michael Gorman

Discover 10 great iPad education resource websites. These are entire sites devoted to bringing you the best ways to use the iPad in the classroom. They include resources, apps, lesson plans, and even some apptivities (what a neat word)! As more schools discover the power of the iPad, there seem to be more educators excited about discovering apps that engage students while making classroom learning come alive! This is a post that you will want to share with others! Also, please visit my 21centuryedtech Blog and sign up for free email and RSS feeds that will include great technology innovation as I find it. You can also follow me on twitter at mjgormans. I want to build this list of iPad websites past twenty! If you know of a great iPad site please leave a comment so that I can learn and share! - Have a great week! - Mike

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Ten Must Visits Websites Supporting iPads In Education

Several weeks ago I reviewed one of the most powerful iPad app sites on the web. If you missed the posting be sure to give thisprior posta visit. The website iEar is an amazing site based on both teacher reviews and contributions. You may just want to become a member of iEar today! Again, check out this prior post for link and information. Perhaps you want to discover even more apps for your classroom iPad. Then read below and discover ten more sites that will bring out your need to keep filling the memory chip of your iPad, iTouch, or iPhone!

1. The iPhone Application List– While this site has numerous categories for apps, I have directed you to a portion of the site that contains about 100 apps both free and for purchase. You can select between free and paid. Each app is click-able allowing the reader to view description, posting date, and a link to the download.

2.The iPad Pilot Project– A page filled with resources and so much more. This wiki has categories you will want to explore. There are three separate links leading to apps forelementary,middle, andhigh school. Don’t stop there! Make sure you explore other links including digital textbooks,challenges and successes,setting up carts,mobile management,other school districts, andarticles/blogs. Also make sure you visiteMobilize(a sister site) where you will learn about mobile computing standards, curriculum, logistics, management, and use/care. The iPad pilot project is sponsored by theDepartment of Educational Technologyin theSchool District of Palm Beach. It is administered on the department’s wiki by John Shoemaker, Melissa McBride, and John Long.

3.The iPad In Education– A great site based in the United Kingdom and administered by Ian Wilson, a freelance Apple Distinguished Educator. When you visit the site be sure to have some extra time to visit all of the links. The pages, listed by subject area, provide a large number of useful apps for teaching and learning. Categories include Apps - includedwith the iPad, Artwork, Geography, History, Literacy, Miscellaneous, Numeracy, Music, and Productivity. The United Kingdom “iPad In Education” is a must visit for those wanting to learn more about the iPad, its apps, and ways to deploy it in the classroom.

4.Teach With Our iPad- Have you ever been to one of those sites that was so filled with resources, you didn’t know where to begin! I suggest that you begin by just visiting this site. It really is so much more than an awsome collection of iPad Apps. You may wish to start withiPad Appsand its listing of over 500 apps, descriptions, reviews, and even apps to get started with. Or, instead, begin with thesearchable data baseor take a look at their cool list ofprojection apps.

5.The iPad Schools- This wiki is intended to be a clearinghouse of applications, lesson ideas, and experiences using the iPad in the classroom. The intent of this wiki is to give a listing of apps that have been tested and recommended by teachers who are using them. The listings in this wiki are generally created using google docs and members of the wiki are invited to update and add information. I especially like the Creativity Apps, Teacher Tools Appsand theVGA Output Apps. You also may wish to check out Managing a Classroom Set of iPadsand This is what I did…(which is a selection of the authors’ reflections and practical applications.

6.The iPad Curriculum– This website is a blog with in-depth articles relating to the iPad. It claims to be a collection of the best in applications, practices, and deployment of the iPad as a learning device. Upon reading, you’ll find the blog does give some excellent in-depth articles about apps, deployment, and uses. One of my favorites on this site helps innovative teachers write their own app usingedupad without the need for code knowledge. A clever data base search engine that involves steps of Bloom’s Taxonomy is especially useful. While the site is relatively new, the archive dates to July 2010, it seems that this blog holds some great promise for iPad users.

7.AppAnnie– The link included brings you to the educational listings for this web site. Note that it lists about 200 educational apps which are click-able with a description and also note whether they are free or entail a cost. Visitors will also notice a button that will deliver a new page with500 iPhoneeducational apps. If you are an app developer you may want to investigate the app nanny. This service provides anApp Careweb service for iPhone app developers, helping them keep tabs on their apps. It’s free during the open beta.

8.ACALANES Union HS– This Google Site is maintained by dedicated people at a high school integrating mobile learning for their students. The link will bring you to 75 apps available for the iPad and education. Take another look and you will find a link that will provide 210 integrating apps for theiPod Touch. There is still more, how about an area dedicated to learning how to write an ebook with and for the iPad. Information includes usingGoogle Doc Mobile, usingPages App on the iPad, orintegrating with Google Docson the computer. Last, be sure to visit the“Ideas For iPads”Slide show for some great ideas!

9.Apptivities-The website defines apptivities as, ” models for successful instructional practices with mobile devices”. This is a unique site in that it is the application of apps that creates a transformation in learning. Various apps are covered by offering suggestions of ways to use them in the classroom. There are even video examples to help further educator understanding. Apptivities is the response to a challenge given at the ADE Summer Institute 2010 at Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida. ADE colleagues contribute apptivities, a specific learning activity using apps on mobile devices. A key part of the vision for apptivities is to provide media resources that give a “view” into best practices in the classroom. You can even help support the challenge of supporting teachers in using mobile applications effectively to improve student learning. Alink for actionwill allow you to contribute your own apptivities.

10. Apple Ipad Site- Did you really think I would forget the company that made the iPad possible? This link brings you to a site where you will find all of those apps listed by category. You will find a large listing in theapps iTunesstore. While you are at it, you may wish to learn aboutApple app volumepurchases.

Thanks for joining me an another journey involving 21st century learning. Keep reading my posts, and some amazing posts by others here at Tech & Learning... you will find some wonderful information and resources coming your way. If you have a great iPad/iTouch/iPhone site please let me know by comment! Remember to follow me on twitter (mjgormans) and feel free to visit my21centuryedtech Blog and 21centuryedtech Wiki. Have a great week! – Mike