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29 Ways to Use the Only iPad in the Classroom

How would you use ONE iPad in the classroom? Below are a few ideas to get you started.
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How would you use ONE iPad in the classroom? Below are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Connect the iPad to a projector for whole group learning using various educational apps.
  2. Use with an individual student who needs extra practice in math and reading skills.
  3. Create a class video with the entire class being involved.
  4. Use the Maps App – Instant field trips!
  5. Use as a free center that students can choose what to do.
  6. Play the audio books with entire class.
  7. Download free books to share in small group sessions.
  8. Play alphabet and sight word games.
  9. Use the camera! Create different pictures and create a writing assignment using the pictures.
  10. Make a bulletin board with camera pictures!
  11. Use teacher apps to track student behavior.
  12. Add links to favorite websites for quick access.
  13. Studying a country? Use the Maps App to look at the location and area.
  14. Use the iPad for research.
  15. Use as remediation for high/low students.
  16. Use the Earth and Moon app for classroom lessons.
  17. Share student presentations created from another source.
  18. Use the NASA, National Geographic, and various zoo apps for classroom lessons.
  19. Build math skills with interactive math games.
  20. Practice test questions for upcoming exams.
  21. Play a trivia game with the entire game!
  22. Show classroom photos from a field trip or another event during Open House.
  23. FaceTime with another classroom in your building or another state!
  24. Use the calendar to add classroom events. Place calendar image on large screen each morning.
  25. Use it to demonstrate how to use an iPad. (Turn on & off, close apps, shutdown, and so forth)
  26. Use it to type a list of iPad procedures for your classroom. Create the list with your entire class.
  27. Show a photo and have the kids write a sentence or paragraph about it.
  28. Use the iPad to demonstrate "How to."
  29. Use it to demonstrate the Photo options: enhance, crop, remove red eye, and create a slide show.

Michelle Vance is the District Technology Director of Ontario Local Schools in Ontario, Ohio.



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