The iPad for Administrators and Teachers by Vicki Windman

The biggest complaint administrators and teachers have is too much paper. "Where did I put that note?” is a common refrain heard in school offices and classrooms everywhere. The solution? Welcome to the iPad. Use less paper and never worry about which pad you jotted a note on or be late for an appointment again!

The search for the perfect notebook has been a never-ending task. An administrator or teacher needs to have an intuitive app that accepts PDFs, can handwrite notes, type text, keep notes in files, and offers an audio component.

DOCas- Document Reader, PDF Annotate, Drag-and-Drop document management, Handwriting Note Taker, PDF Export. $1.99

IEP Checklist – is a free app that reinforces IEP information and allows you to put in student information. This is especially good for CSE chairs and Special Education department chairpersons.

Look For- is an app for principals who are either doing a walk through or an observation. It enables users to organize, identify, clarify and provide immediate feedback to classroom teachers regarding their instructional practices. Along with custom notes, the real time response helps foster trust and clarify expectations. $49.99

GradeBook Pro- a bit pricy at $9.99. Easy to use track grades and attendance. If you have the iPad 2, it supports the ability to take student photos.

TeacherPal- free app, great for elementary school teachers who want to add student photo. Also enables teachers to take attendance and grades. This app also lets you input behavior too.

Teacher Assistant Pro- allows teacher to keep track or student’s actions, behaviors as well as achievements. - $3.99

Planbook- can be used in conjunction with Planbook for Mac or Windows. There is a free 30-day trial. For the iPad you can write lesson add assignments and attach web links to lessons. Transfer your files using Dropbox. $9.99

GoDocs – Fabulous if you use Google Docs. You can edit, read, download offline and allows you to use multiple accounts. $4.99

Sticky Notes- Keep this in your tool bar so you always have your sticky notes with you. $.99

Goodreader- Syncs with Dropbox, SugarSync, iDisk and more. Allows you to sync your entire folders or individual folders. Allows you to Annotate, Manage files, transfer files, text search and more. A must have! $4.99

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.