Apps for the New Alternate Assessment Regulations

Say hello to SACC - Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential - for special-needs students who are alternately assessed. Next there are the Work Credential available to all students with an IEP, which is similar to the National Work Credential. This will go into effect July 1, 2013. In addition, how we track data will also be mandated.

Can we use the iPad to meet these new expectations? If you have a 1:1 iPad classroom, you can design your students’ iPads to meet these new goals as well as the traditional goals. At the same time you can track the students’ data either using the student’s iPad or by recording the data on your own. Now as teachers we can send these reports to parents as well as keep up-to-date data on each of our students.

For educators who want to see and understand the Skills and Achievement Commencement: SACC-SudExitSummary- Blank form. As you plan for your new school year please note your Universal Foundation Skills, Thinking Skills, Personal Qualities, Interpersonal Skills, Technology, Career Development, Integrated Learning, Managing Information and Systems.

Career Development- Knowledge about the world of work, career options, personal skills, aptitudes and abilities relating to future careers.

Job Interview Free- This fits the needs of the Alternate Assessment population using video, flip cards checklists and quizzes. Quiz questions are appropriate such as “Is it ok to chew gum on an interview?” Flipcards ask questions with helpful hints. Checklists offer questions that students can investigate such as “Have you checked the company’s website?”

Integrated Learning: Application of academic knowledge and skills to school, community and home setting.

Vocabulary Spelling City Free (premium membership is $49.99 for 25 students). This app will allow you to keep records on your students, differentiate learning using different lists for each student. Also allow you to make lists that are applicable to the SACC. Students can alphabetize, parts of speech, testme, etc.

Learn Money $4.99 Though the app is for 4-9 year olds it will assist students with coin identification as well as making change. This app allows you to send progress reports to parents.

MakeChange $1.99- Is a nice practice app. Students can make change using $1.00-$5.00. Using life-like coins and dollars students can drag the amount requested, using either a stylus or their finger.

Personal Qualities- Ability to self-manage, plan, organize, and take independent action.

Free Daily Planner Enables students to enter appointments, transition, manage contact and daily schedule.

Capzule PHR $2.99 Sets unlimited medication reminders, uses iCloud for data backup/restore, sets doctor appointment reminders.

Pictello $18.99- Record social stories to discuss transition, how to use unstructured time and personal care skills.

Interpersonal Skills Ability to work independently or as part of a team and relate to different people across settings.

Sosh- $39.00 – lite version is free- This is the app for nine-year-olds and up! Sōsh revolves around five essential abilities for social skills development: Relate, Relax, Reason, Regulate, and Recognize. What do you get in Sōsh? A whole lot. You get a journal, a goals area, a to-do list, and a rating scale that you can use to rate anything from Liz's hairstyle to Herbert's new motorcycle to how happy you are with your new dog. You also get a behavior tracking area, a voice meter, an interest log, and a shredder that you can use to get rid of any negative thought, feeling or situation. And there are lots more!

Some of my favorite parts of Sōsh are the Shredder and the Facial Expressions gallery. Love the shredder! It's visual, it's audible, and it’s brilliant! You just type your trouble and drag it into the shredder to see it vanquished! And the Facial Expressions gallery is a great spot within the app to brush up on recognizing emotions. And, of course, it's visual too.This one app will address the Interpersonal Skills.

Managing Information- Ability to access and use information

Driving Test $2.99- Whether your student will be driving or not following traffic safety rules will help students make simple decisions when walking or driving.

Weekly Ads and Sales Free- Teach students how to access grocery ads and budget grocery bills.

Managing Resources: Apply financial and human resources and mange time and materials to successfully carry out a planned activity.

Chore Buddy- Manage your Household $.99- Stay on task and manage daily chores from laundry to preparing meals.

Systems: Ability to understand how a system operates and identify information and resources with that system

HopStop Free – learn to navigate your community using buses and subways.

Maps Free on all OS devices- directions for walking and driving.

Data Tracking

Super Duper Data Tracker $1.99 easy to use- input students, goals and send reports to parents.

D.A.T.A Free- designed to allow users to precisely measure how often and how long events occur over time. The application can be used to conveniently and inconspicuously collect data on a wide range of events in a variety of settings.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South. Read more at