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Welcome Back to School!

 (Cross posted at http educationaltechnologyguy.blogspot.com ) Welcome back to school  I hope everyone had a great summer and was able to relax and recharge. We started last week with teachers back on Monday, freshmen on Wednesday, and all students today.
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 (Cross posted at http://educationaltechnologyguy.blogspot.com/)

Welcome back to school!I hope everyone had a great summer and was able to relax and recharge. We started last week with teachers back on Monday, freshmen on Wednesday, and all students today. It's been a little hectic, but things are working out.

Here are some great resources to help you get the year started right. These are great for new or veteran teachers.

Create a Personal Learning Network- a PLN is an excellent resource for help, advice, and sharing ideas.

Google for Educators- Google has a huge number of free resources for teachers and students. Check them all out (they're all free).

New Teacher Advice- some good advice for new teachers (and old ones too!)

Discovery Education New Teacher Survival Central- a great resource for all teachers (and free).

List of Discovery Education Resources for Educators- very good, inclusive list of Discovery Educations resources.

Overview of some free technology that can help you be more organized and efficient.

Twitter- Twitter is a great resource for educators, especially#edchat.
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Enjoy these resources and share yours with others.

Have a great school year!



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