Fun Timers in Class

Fun Timers in Class

Many of us are already using timers to get started on a new project, to keep us focused and to be punctual. We are also using timers in the classroom as we set tasks for the kids.

And here is a nice list of fun timers that we can adapt and use in the classroom. Simply, choose your style among egg/rocket/candle/bar/swimming timers or, bomb/dynamite countdowns. Set the time, show it on the screen and let it start! Don’t forget get to use the timer full screen.

  • Use these fun timers to give kids a visual five minutes until they finish their work.
  • Ask students to write a short story until the timer finishes.
  • When we make a quiz, we can reflect it on the screen and students can watch the time. That’s a great way to help them understand how much time has passed as young kids have difficulty with understanding the time.
  • Jump or turn around or hop as the timer ticks down.
  • Students to close their eyes or turn back and ask them to raise their hands when they think 1 minute has passed. The closest person to the timer can be the winner.
  • Ask students to be completely silent until the timer shows 00:00. This will be a challenge for kids!

That’s also great to give and show them the time to get in a line or put away their staff. This really motivates them. This is certainly one of the great ways to keep us and students on task!

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